Oh boy, I thought I was gonna die!
—George, after being saved by Eric and Tina

George is a minor character in Silent Hill: The Arcade. He wears a white and navy shirt, a red baseball cap, and has curly, dark brown hair.

Silent Hill: The Arcade

Eric and Tina hear screams from the basement of the Toluca Prison. Following the sound, they descend in an elevator and the pair arrive at what seems to be the Otherworld cemetery. George is seen crawling on the floor, asking for help, but before anything can be done, something sucks him up before the boss Mama appears. If the player manages to beat the boss in a period of sixty seconds, George emerges from inside a grave in the cemetery and survives; otherwise, he does not appear and is presumed dead.

Like Ryan, it was never explained how George ended up in Silent Hill as he did not follow Eric and Tina there.

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