Oh boy, I thought I was gonna die!
—George, after being saved by Eric and Tina

George is a minor character in Silent Hill: The Arcade. He wears a white and navy shirt, a red baseball cap, and has curly, dark brown hair.

Silent Hill: The Arcade

George was a friend of Eric and Tina before the events of the game. During their passage through Toluca Prison, looking for an exit, the pair eventually descends in an elevator to what seems to be the Labyrinth cemetery.

George is seen crawling on the floor, apparently trying to hide between the tombstones. Relieved into seeing his friends, George asks for help, but before anything can be done, some kind of force sucks him up into the darkness and the boss Mama appears. If the player manages to beat the boss in a period of sixty seconds, George emerges from inside a grave in the cemetery and is taken to safety by the protagonists.

If the player fails to beat the boss in time, Ryan does not arise and the protagonists move forward, presuming him dead, with Eric murmuring "George..." out of grief. Later, on the normal ending, Tina will ask to Eric "where are the others", wondering what happened to him.


  • Like Ryan, it was never explained how George ended up in Silent Hill as he did not follow Eric and Tina there. Should be noted, both George and Ryan are found on Toluca Prison, so their "travel" to Silent Hill may be related somehow.
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