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Come on, rise and shine, cupcake. You know the drill.
—Sewell to Murphy Pendleton

George Sewell is one of the primary antagonists of Silent Hill: Downpour. He is a corrupt corrections officer at Ryall State Prison and appears mostly in dream sequences and flashbacks during Murphy Pendleton's stay in Silent Hill as a reminder of his past crimes.


It is never really highlighted what his true intentions are and what goal he is trying to achieve. Perhaps he just relishes in the demise of others like a sadist, or has had issues in the past which has made him what he is. However, it is known that Sewell is untrustworthy and manipulative. Frank Coleridge first warns Murphy that deals with Sewell don't usually work out so well for the people he made them with, and states that Sewell is involved with drug trafficking, blackmail, coercion, and violence against prisoners.

However, the deal that was made relates to what Murphy was imprisoned for: Patrick Napier, the man who killed his son, Charlie Pendleton. Sewell offered Murphy some "quiet time" with Napier so he could tie up loose ends, but only under the condition that Murphy pay him back in the future; Murphy reluctantly agreed. Murphy may have had his revenge, but Sewell had a new pawn. This shows the true manipulative nature of Sewell because he was able to essentially "blackmail" Murphy for his own intentions.

The debt is later called upon when Sewell requests Murphy kill somebody for him. Unfortunately, Murphy had to keep to his word or face an increased jail sentence. During a prison riot set up by Sewell, Murphy was tasked with murdering Frank Coleridge in the showers. In the canonical ending, Murphy refuses and Sewell is angered. Showing no loyalty to his fellow officer, Sewell stabs Frank and leaves him in a vegetative state. Sewell then puts the blame on Murphy, and the events of Downpour occur.

Silent Hill: Downpour

Sewell escorting Murphy.

Sewell first appears in-game as he chaperones Murphy on the day of his prison transfer, facetiously saying, "Sorta sorry to see you go." A little later on, while exploring Silent Hill, Murphy has a flashback about his incarceration: Sewell had offered him a deal; in exchange for assisting Murphy in the murder of Patrick Napier (the man responsible for the death of his son), and looking the other way, Murphy would owe him an undisclosed favor to be repaid at a later time.

Sewell later mentions that in order for Murphy to fulfill his end of the deal, he would have to murder another man, who Sewell mentions "deserves it". Sewell instructs Murphy to meet the man in the showers, just as he did with Napier, during a planned prison riot, so that the guards would be too distracted to notice his absence.

During the day of the prison riot, Murphy enters the washroom, only to discover that the man is actually Frank Coleridge. Sewell appears and orders Murphy to uphold his end of the bargain. The rest of the scene is revealed later in the game based on the ending received.


Depending on the game's ending, Sewell has multiple fates and plays different roles in the death of Frank Coleridge:

  • Forgiveness - When Murphy refuses to kill Frank Coleridge, Sewell reveals that he has already framed Murphy for the crime should he back out and begins to relentlessly beat Coleridge, ultimately leaving him in a vegetative state. It is revealed in this ending that Murphy was also unable to murder Patrick Napier, so Sewell finished this job for him as well.
  • Truth and Justice - When Murphy refuses to kill Frank Coleridge, Sewell reveals that he has already framed Murphy for the crime should he back out and begins to relentlessly beat Coleridge, ultimately leaving him in a vegetative state. Discovering that Sewell is the one truly responsible for the death of her father, Anne Marie Cunningham confronts Sewell in his office so that the two can "talk". She is seen holding a loaded gun behind her back. The scene fades to black, implying that she took her revenge and murdered Sewell. The epilogue of Anne's Story confirmed that this is the canon ending and also implies Sewell is dead with Anne saying she believes in revenge even though her father did not.
  • Full Circle - Sewell is seen in the background while Murphy stabs Frank Coleridge in a flashback. This ending suggests that Sewell betrayed Murphy even after the latter kept his end of the deal due to Murphy remaining in prison afterwards.

Sewell at Murphy's execution.

  • Execution - Sewell appears at Murphy's execution, handling his paperwork and giving authorization. Sewell asks Murphy if he has any last words, to which Murphy coldly responds, "I'll see you in hell... cupcake."
  • Surprise! - Sewell is one of the guests at Murphy's surprise birthday party.


  • Murphy's comment on Sewell: "I thought you to be one of those okay guards, the ones who play by the rules - a proper bastard but fair - but you just love to play those games of yours, don't you? Offering a deal that is hard to decline. Well... I couldn't."
  • Sewell's nickname for Murphy is "cupcake".
  • During the first visit to the Otherworld in the game, a gramophone can be seen and heard playing the song "Born Free" by John Barry. In a flashback, as Sewell tells Murphy the plan to kill Napier, the radio on his desk is playing the same song. Sewell is later heard singing the song in another flashback. It is unknown what significance this song has but it has been theorized that the song, specifically the lyrics, symbolize Murphy's wish to be free and Sewell is the key to that freedom.
  • While it is known that the origins of Murphy's name mean "sea warrior", the origins of Sewell literally means "sea ruler". [1]


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