The following memos can be found in the Grand Hotel in Silent Hill: Homecoming. Memos are largely found inside the dark armoires inside rooms, but are sometimes painted on walls, on shelves or on desks.

A note to Sam

Written as a note to Sam Bartlett, from a man named Clayton, the note thanks Bartlett for his time and effort put into the Hotel's atrium. It can be found on the third floor, in Room 304.

I can't thank you enough for all of your hard work in restoring the Atrium to its former glory.
My illness continues to worsen, but it gives me great comfort that my Carol and I can find solace in the beautiful garden you've created.
Thank you so much.

A note from Carol, to Sam

Written to Bartlett from Clayton's wife, Carol, this note seems to hint at something rather serious going on between her and the mayor. It can be found on the third floor, in Room 308.

Dearest Sam,
I can't describe how much my life has turned a corner since you've begun tending the Atrium.
With Clayton's illness slowly taking its toll, I've felt so lost and alone.
Your presence and your gift in restoring the garden... It's the single ray of light in my tired life, and it brings me joy.
Thank you for the many wonderful evenings we've spent together. It will be different - better - when I no longer have to pretend. All my love.

A message on the wall

This message is found scrawled in red across the wall in Room 308.

405 scares me. I left my ducky in there.

A second message on a wall

A message written on the wall of Room 403, what it may mean is uncertain.

You can't wash it off.

A note to Carol

A note addressed to Carol, it was most likely written by Clayton. It can be found in Room 406.

Carol, I'm struggling to find the right words. My body was broken and now you've broken my heart too.
I don't know why.
I loved you unconditionally, gave you everything I had, I thought you loved me too. I guess I was a fool.
There are things, things about Sam you don't know, and if you did, I guarantee you'd feel differently.
I want to forgive you Carol, but I can't... I've simply nothing left.

A delivery notice

A delivery invoice from Alchemilla Hospital, it pertains to oxygen being dropped off for Clayton Doyle. It can be found on the hallway shelf between 404 and 406.

Delivery Notice – Alchemilla Hospital:
Two oxygen tanks removed and replaced with full ones for Mr. Doyle's suite.

To Mr. Jones

A Paul Ashley, most likely the author of the note to Jim, saw Mayor Bartlett dragging in a rather heavy bag, whose contents were unknown. Unsure of what to do, he simply leaves the information with a Mr. Jones. This note can be found in room 507.

Mr. Jones,
I saw something strange the other night and I wanted to bring it to your attention.
I'd unlocked the service doors to the Atrium to let Mayor Bartlett in - just like I usually do. I came by later to see if he needed any help (you know how I like to grow things too) and I saw him dragging one of his bags of fertilizer inside.
Only it didn't look like any kind of fertilizer bag I've ever used.
It was real heavy and he seemed to be kinda struggling with it. He didn't see me, so I crept away.
Should I tell the sheriff? I don't know what to do, but I thought you should know.
Paul Ashley

To Jim

This note indicates that other people have become suspicious of Bartlett and Carol's time together. It can be found in Room 508.

They were there again last night. I saw Carol creeping towards the main ballroom and you know where that leads... I don't know what the old man would do if he were to find out- given his health, he might not make it.
Do you think I should say something?

To Paul

This note, found on the Hotel's reception counter, is addressed to Paul about Mayor Bartlett and his time in the Atrium.

As Mayor Bartlett will be working in the Atrium late this evening, please make sure the exterior service doors are left unlocked.
Mr. Jones

General Notice

Found on a back counter in the reception area, this notice pertains to Clayton Doyle.

General Notice:
A memorial service for Clayton Doyle will be held today at Dargento Cemetery.
All employees are required to attend.

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