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Toluca Lake Postcard
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Silent Hill: Homecoming

The Grand Hotel Postcards are three items in Silent Hill: Homecoming.

As Alex Shepherd explores the interior of the Grand Hotel, he encounters a woman who has locked herself in Room 301. She holds a key Alex requires in order to continue his search for his brother Joshua. She doesn't introduce herself to Alex, but enlists his help for locating what she calls her memories of the past. These memories are actually three postcards from various locations found around Silent Hill that were most likely important to her once upon a time.

Once Alex returns all three postcards to her, the Lady In Room 301 will leave behind a key.

Toluca Lake


Toluca Lake, on a postcard...

A postcard depicting what seems to be a pleasant scene of sun shining brightly upon Toluca Lake, this item can be found in Room 403, in the Bathroom.

This item represents the Lady's memory of ...sunlight dancing on the surface of the water.

I have some bad news to share. Yesterday I took a boat out - as far as I could row - and I dipped my face into the cold, clear water. As I leaned over the side of the rowboat, my necklace caught on the oar and the chain snapped. I saw your precious gift slip into the blackness. I wanted to dive in after it, but the water was so icy, so deep. Please...forgive me. I miss you.

Lakeside Amusement Park


Robbie the Rabbit during better days...

A postcard featuring Robbie the Rabbit of Lakeside Amusement Park holding a cone of cotton candy, this item is found in Room 507, on a bed.

This item represents the Lady's memory of ...the smell of cotton candy in the air.

What a wonderful day! The smell of cotton candy and the sound of laughter filled the air. Days like this make me appreciate what it was like to be young and carefree. Family is the most important thing - and our children are the future. I only wish I could feel that innocent again. See you soon.

Alchemilla Hospital


Alchemilla Hospital, when things were different...

A postcard bearing an image of Alchemilla Hospital's courtyard bathed in sunshine, this item can be found in Room 404, in the bathroom cabinet.

This item represents the Lady's memory of ...wind blowing through the trees.

I long for the days before my illness overtook me. From my window I can see a large oak. The leaves are ablaze - yellow and red - and with each day more of them fall. When the sun is low, the shadows from its branches trail across my walls, but soon after the darkness fills the room. Please come and see me soon. I want to share one more memory with you, while I still can. Love always.



Alex conversing with the Lady in Room 301.

  • Throughout the Grand Hotel, there are various notes that can be found that pertain to a woman, her husband, and Sam Bartlett. The woman, named Carol, is having an affair with Mayor Bartlett, as her husband seems to be terminally ill. It's possible that the Lady in Room 301 is Carol, or her manifestation.
  • The three postcards, while needed for the woman, are connected to Alex as well. Toluca Lake is where his brother, Joshua, was killed. Alchemilla Hospital, now a mental institution, is where Alex was taken after the accident (having snapped at Joshua's death). Finally, Robbie the Rabbit was Joshua's favorite toy.
  • The hole in which she and Alex communicate through can be seen as a monster's open mouth. This can be seen explicitly whenever the camera is looking at Alex through the hole. The many splinters resembles sharp teeth lining a very wide mouth and could represent how him losing his memory of killing Joshua led to inner discord (as the woman inside had).
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