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This article is for the pawn shop in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. For the antique shop in the original game, see Green Lion Antiques.

Green Lion Pawn Shop is a shop in the northeastern part of Silent Hill in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.

After navigating through the abandoned Toluca Mall, Harry Mason continues his search for his missing daughter by checking 1008 Simmons Street, the home where he believes she may be. The pawn shop, which the appearance and contents of vary depending on the player's Psych Profile, is directly below the apartment Harry must reach.

Upon entering the pawn shop, Harry needs to get a key from the front desk so that he can enter the back room. To obtain the key, Harry has to move a lever to drop the key into the tray, which he can then rotate to his side of the desk. He can then choose to enter the employee area behind the counter to find the "We, Ouroboros" memento.

Arriving at the second floor, it is revealed that the apartment is indeed Cheryl's new home. Harry also discovers an older Dahlia inside the apartment calling out for Cheryl. When Harry meets the older Dahlia, he is shocked to find out that she is his wife before being plunged into the icy labyrinth.


Sign outside

  • Red (seductive)
  • Green (stoner)
  • Purple (punk)

Display window

  • Scantily-clad mannequins in a bondage scene (seductive)
  • Television, gas masks and a sign reading “Hard Cash, instant money” (punk)
  • Lamps and candle holders (stoner)

Interior lighting

  • Purple (punk)
  • Red (seductive)
  • Yellow/normal (stoner)

Neon sign

  • Red nude woman below text “PAWN SHOP” (seductive)
  • Dollar sign with “checks cashed, money orders, PAWN SHOP” (stoner)
  • “PAWN SHOP” then two dollar signs, then “HARD CASH” (punk)

Taxidermied animal

  • Mountain lion/puma/cougar (seductive)
  • Large dodo bird (stoner)
  • Peacock (punk)


  • For the duration of Harry Mason's stay in the labyrinth, his phone GPS reads that he has never left the pawn shop.
  • Like the original game, the "green lion eating a sun" is a motif in alchemy.


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