Green Ridge Mental Health Clinic is a location that appears on the second floor of the Otherworld version of the Hilltop Center in Silent Hill 3.

Heather Mason first encounters Vincent Smith here. The first room contains a save symbol on a poster attached to the wall and a table with a photo of Heather. She can examine the photo, and remarks that she finds it creepy, as she wonders who could've taken it but is also frightened by the text on its back: "Find the Holy One. Kill her?"

Another room inside the clinic contains a desk and shelves, which contain various health items. A science textbook is lying open on the desk, which gives a hint on how to use the oxydol, which is found inside an open cabinet in the same facility.


  • During the cutscene between Vincent and Heather, the word "friends" is written on the wall behind Heather, possibly referencing how Vincent is trying to convince Heather he's an ally, or friend.
  • It is unknown why Vincent is even in Hilltop Center's mental health clinic in the first place, as it is far from Silent Hill. He has certainly been tracking Heather, but it seems too much of a coincidence for Heather to randomly encounter Vincent in a rather unrelated building. The Hilltop Center is next to Heather's apartment, however, so it could be thought that he was tracking Heather to her home, and decided to wait in a nearby building. It could also be thought that the people who run Green Ridge Mental Health clinic are connected to the Order.


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