The lights indicating the steps of the puzzle.

This article is a guide for a Silent Hill: Downpour puzzle.

The Hansel and Gretel Puzzle is a puzzle from Silent Hill: Downpour that must be completed by Murphy Pendleton to get the blackboard eraser and to progress in St. Maria's Monastery. The puzzle can be found in the small theater area of the monastery, presumably used for the students at the monastery, which doubles as a Catholic school. It involves completing the stage directions on the first page of the technician's notes for a play found on the balcony where the puzzle is located.



The script page.

Reading the first page of the script gives a general idea of the order that the actions must be performed in. The rest can be filled in by examining the set of seven lights that indicate the current step. The light will progress from left to right when performing the actions in the correct order, but it will reset when making a mistake.

The script says that the lights must first be dimmed, which can be done by pulling a lever on the very right side of the balcony (facing the stage). The next step is to activate the spotlight and turn it so it faces the stage. The curtains will automatically open, cuing the sets to appear. There is a lever on either side of the spotlight that must be pulled (one of the levers can be found in the next room or down on the table beside the audience seating if playing on Hard) to lower the forest and cabin backdrops. Once this is done, head to the corner of the balcony and spin the lever to simulate the sound of wind, then use the baton to hit the piece of metal, making a thunderous sound. This should complete the puzzle, changing the theater into a stormy, forested area with a cabin where the stage was, accompanied by the agonizing screams of the children.


  • Despite there being no one in the seats, there is a clapping sound coming from the seats as the player progresses through the steps of the puzzle.
  • There is a doll similar to the one that the girl holds on the cabin chest picture but with a knife. It is located in the belfry tower under the stairs.


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