Harry Mason's Diary

Harry's diary.

Harry Mason's diary is a memo found in the church in Silent Hill 3. Heather Mason comes across a room that is identical to her father's bedroom at Daisy Villa Apartments. On the bed she finds a musty notebook which is her father's diary. The transcript reveals that even though Harry had his reservations on Heather being the reincarnation of Alessa Gillespie, he still loved her, but was afraid to tell her the truth about who she really was.


Heather commenting after reading the diary.

After reading it, Heather says, "Thanks, Dad. So I was Alessa after all. But I do have just a trace of one more memory left. I haven't forgotten my sweet and gentle mother." She is presumably referring to Jodie Mason and not Dahlia Gillespie.


"I sometimes have the sense even
now that that girl is a reincarnation
of Alessa.
I don't worry about it much now.
That's all forgiven.
You were unloved, Cheryl...
Or was that Alessa?
Now Cheryl is Alessa again.
No matter whose reincarnation
she may have been, that girl was
my most beloved treasure.
But that name was a mistake.
At the time I thought of her only as
a replacement for my lost Cheryl.
When she knows the truth,
will she feel bad?
That's what worries me."

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