One of Harry's memos in Alessa's room.

Harry's Memos are two memos in Silent Hill 3. The protagonist Heather comes upon these memos written by her father, Harry Mason, 17 years ago during the course of the first game, and they contain Harry's personal thoughts.

They appear to be written on the same memo sheets that were used to save in the first game. The memos are most likely callbacks to Harry's method of saving the game in the original Silent Hill. One could infer that the memos are what Harry was canonically writing at the time the player was saving their progress.

Memo 1

This memo can be found in the Lakeside Amusement Park, on an ice cream store counter that was also the location of a save point in the first game.

"Dahlia's the one who said it —
said that the girl was a demon.
That she took my daughter
for a sacrifice.
But it's not totally believable.
I mean, appearances can be
When I saw that photo in the
hospital basement, I thought,
'That girl looks like Cheryl.'
Is that why I feel this way?
Something's not normal, anyway.
Nothing good will come of this.
But I just can't think of her as
a demon.
Is it my imagination, or do I actually
feel sorry for her?
Why do I feel like she's looking
for someone to help?
Cheryl's what's important to me.
Everything else can wait until I've
gotten her back."

Memo 2

This memo can be found in Alessa's room in the chapel on the same table where a save point was found in the first game.

"She's just beyond this door.
I don't know how, but I can sense it.
But she's not the only one there.
I sense the presence of something
extremely dangerous, even sickening...
or maybe what they call 'God'.
Nevertheless, I will open the door.
Enough of this idle chit-chat.
'God' I'm not, but I fully intend
to save her... no, them."

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