Hazel Street Station is a subway station located beneath the Central Square Shopping Center and is the second location Heather Mason visits in Silent Hill 3. She does so in order to get back to her apartment, located on Bergen Street and accessible via subway.

Unlike the previous area, the shopping center, the station is not wholly corrupted by the Otherworld. However, the Otherworld's monsters still appear, and there are traps aimed at instantly killing Heather.

Heather eventually enters a working train; however, she isn't taken to her street and must instead go through the Underpass in order to reach her home.


  • In the subway station, there is an optional, interactive scene that can be viewed by finding certain memos lying about. After examining a newspaper article about a recent death on the rails and a discarded magazine about spirits, Heather will feel a force push her on the tracks of Platform 4. Immediately, a train siren sounds, signaling an incoming train, and the player must get back on the platform or Heather will die instantly. This scene is completely optional; however, it does hold a chance of dying and there is no apparent reward for activating it.
  • Bergen Street is a reference to the movie Jacob's Ladder, which Team Silent described as an inspiration for the game. Like the game, the movie's protagonist is trying to reach Bergen Street to get home.
  • Another reference to Jacob's Ladder is the Platform 2 gate locked with a nut and bolt; however, the movie's protagonist was unable to use a nutcracker in order to open the gate.
  • Special instant-death scenes in the subway include:
    • Being run over by the train on Platform 3.
    • Being run over by the train on Platform 4 (after being pushed).
    • Falling off the last train car while in the subway. This will trigger if Heather goes through the door at the end of the train, or if she backpedals after entering another carriage and walks off the edge of the carriage.
  • The model of the red shopping cart seen in the hallway below Platform 1 where a corpse can be found is the same that was in Silent Hill 2 in room 301 of Wood Side Apartments.
  • St. Renata is a feminine form of a Catholic saint, Saint Renatus. Perfectly associable with the theme of the game, the name actually means "born again", likely symbolic of Heather Mason being the reincarnation of Alessa Gillespie. It could also be interpreted as how even though the mentioned man died, he nevertheless returned in the form of a spirit.


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