This article is about the character. For the boss monster, see Momma.
I'm not dead. Locked away! Out of sight, out of mind. Not dead. I asked them to bring my boy to me. Come here, boy... Let momma take a look at you!
—Helen's monster form before fighting Travis

Helen Grady is a character from Silent Hill: Origins. Having presumably died of unknown causes at some point prior to Silent Hill: Origins, Travis Grady encounters the remnants of his mother while exploring the depths of Silent Hill's Cedar Grove Sanitarium. As Travis explores Cedar Grove Sanitarium, secrets are discovered and memories flood back to Travis.


The mother of Travis and wife of Richard Grady, Helen attempted to kill both herself and Travis during his childhood by using gas. When police asked her why she would do such a thing, she claimed that the "people in the mirrors" told her to "kill the devil child."

Helen was committed to Cedar Grove Sanitarium shortly after the incident. She was noted by her doctors of having strong fantasies and a violent persecution complex. On numerous occasions, when Richard would visit, she would become extremely violent, demanding to see her son. This led Richard to tell Travis that his mother had died, to keep his son away from her terrifying grip. Helen kept going on about the "people in the mirrors" to a point of obsession and as doctors asked questions in order to check her mental state, she would often be in a complete catatonic state. She claimed that she could go back and forth between worlds as much as she pleased and that no one could stop her. As time passed, however, she gained full knowledge of her actions and even seemed proud of her attempt on Travis's life.


  • Helen may have been suffering from spectrophobia, the fear of mirrors, similar to Heather Mason. This is possible as when one falls victim to a form of psychosis, fears becoming like fetishes has sometimes been recorded, something that is the result of the mind's mental composition (what one is pleased by, repelled by, etc.) facing a form of "metamorphosis".
  • It is also possible that during her time of being institutionalized, she may have met Dahlia Gillespie. This is supported by her adamant acknowledgment of the Otherworld, as well as her compulsive desire to kill Travis, "the devil child". Travis would later impede upon Dahlia's sacrificial plot with her daughter, Alessa Gillespie, so it is plausible that Dahlia would desire for Travis's death, something Helen obviously endeavors multiple times. Helen, if compared to Dahlia, speaks as if in a very synchronized state of mind with the woman, hinting that Dahlia probably instilled her beliefs into the woman.
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