There you are, Hellrider. I was lookin' all over for you, bad boy.

Helene Leek is a character from Past Life.


Helene lived in Silent Hill in 1867. She is Jonas Leek's wife who always seems dissatisfied with him. She is very sexually promiscuous and loves flirting around with other men, much to Jonas' frustration. She seems to know Jebediah Foster from somewhere else, and chooses to refer to him by his nickname "Hellrider".

Jonas seems to have an unrequited love for Helene, as when he accidentally kills her, he reacts in shock and horror. Later, when Jonas reappears, he mourns Helene's death. Helene, on the other hand, doesn't seem to care about Jonas, and seems to take pleasure in "pushing his buttons". It's likely that the two loved each other at some point, but eventually grew apart after being together for so long.

Past Life

Helene first appears in Issue 2. While searching for something to eat around town, Jebediah visits Leek's Tavern and Helene walks into the diner. She flirts with Jebediah, and Jonas becomes agitated at her. She snaps back at Jonas, and calls him a coward.

In Issue 3, it's shown that like most of the people Jebediah encounters in Silent Hill, Helene appears to be a spectre from his past as the "Hellrider". It is revealed in a flashback that Jebediah had an affair with her. Helene asks Jebediah if he would be willing to kill "someone" for her. Jebediah declines, saying that she isn't worth it, and Helene becomes frustrated with him.

Suddenly, Jonas walks into Helene and Jebediah and he states that he will kill both of them. Helene pleads for Jebediah to kill Jonas, but Jebediah states that it isn't any of his problems. Jonas attempts to stab Jebediah, but Jebediah seizes the moment and pushes Helene in front of him, stabbing her in the process. Helene screams in agony and pain, and Jonas is suddenly shocked and taken aback at what just transpired. Jebediah then whips out a shotgun, and shoots Jonas dead on. Helene, on her death bed (literally), asks Jebediah why he killed her, but Jebediah simply tells her he did what she wanted and killed Jonas, and leaves the room.


Helene's undead manifestation.

In Issue 4, Helene returns as a living corpse of sorts. She approaches Jebediah, much to his confusion. Helene pleads for Jebediah to stay and make love to her, but he takes out his knife and stabs her. Helene undergoes a transformation, and her face resembles more of a skull. She keeps pleading, and Jebediah (once again) stabs her and leaves his knife embedded in her this time, to some of Helene's own pleasure.

Like Helene, Jonas comes back to haunt Jebediah, calling him a "wife-stealer" and attempts to kill him, but Jebediah lights him on fire with a lantern. In his last moments, Jonas mourns Helene's death.


  • "Come back soon, Hellrider. Don't you go forgettin' me again."
  • "Don't leave me sugar. Please. We could have so much dirty fun right here on the ground. Right now."
  • "Don't push me away, Hellrider. I'm all yours... forever and ever."


  • Helene, in her corpse form, bears resemblance to Emily in Tim Burton's Corpse Bride. This is seen in their long hair, decaying appearances and long dresses. Both characters also beg the protagonist for his love, despite that he is alive and she is dead.


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