History Book

The Shepherd's Glen History Book.

The History Book is a memo from Silent Hill: Homecoming found on a pedestal in the central room of Shepherd's Glen Town Hall. The book gives a brief overview of the town's history, as presented to an outsider.


The history of Shepherd's Glen is one of opportunity and enterprise.
First settled nearly a century and a half ago, its founders came here as pilgrims, searching for a new home to practice their faith and ensure the prosperity of their four families.
It soon flourished into a thriving small town.
Shops and businesses sprung up on what is now Main Street.
The turn of the century brought tourists, eager to explore the region's lakes and rivers. And with tourists, came more business.
In the 1950s, many of the original municipal buildings, such as the town hall and the library, were restored.
The 1990s encouraged further investment, modernizing Shepherd's Glen as it headed into the new millennium.
But throughout its success, Shepherd's Glen has always managed to remain a close-knit community, maintaining the same ideals on which it was founded.
One can only hope that the founding families would be proud, if they saw the town as it is today.
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