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Back off, shithead, or I'll go Hogg-wild on your ass.
—Hogg orders Whately to halt his dealings with Lauryn.

Hogg was a friend of Lauryn LaRoache's who accompanied her on her trip to Silent Hill. Loyal to his friends, Hogg was an asset to Lauryn and her crew when things in Silent Hill took a turn for the worst.


A heavyset young man, Hogg has demonstrated that he is willing to risk bodily harm to maintain his loyalty to his friends. Equally impressive is the fact that he is willing to constantly put himself in harm's way to ensure the survival of his friends when things in Silent Hill begin to go very badly.

Dying Inside

Shortly after arriving in Silent Hill, Clown was climbing a playground ladder and fell off. When an unnamed member of Lauryn's group of friends begins to make fun of Clown's ill fortune, Hogg steps in and punches the offender in the stomach, with the intent on doing further harm. Clown however, calls the large youth off. Disappointed, Hogg obliges.

With the large group having split off into three small groups, Hogg and his crew had gone deeper into Silent Hill when he comes across a chainsaw. Promptly firing it up, Hogg finds the tool cumbersome and has trouble shutting it off. This was, however, fortunate, as mannequins began to rain down on him, Lauryn, Clown, and his brother Payne. With Lauryn having been abducted by a tentacle-monster, Hogg yells for the creatures closing in on him to keep their distance. Paying him no heed, Hogg is forced to attack his aggressors with his chainsaw, until Clown and Payne discover bottles of lighter fluid and ignite them. Escaping from the inferno, Hogg can only stare dumbfounded as he and the brothers are brought face-to-face with the evil of Silent Hill-- Christabella LaRoache.

Hogg with a chainsaw.

When Lauryn's attempt to incinerate the remnant of her long-dead sister fails, the small group of friends run. Taking shelter in a sporting goods store, Hogg grows excited at the sight of shotguns and ammo abound. However, things don't stay pleasant for long, as Lauryn begins to hallucinate, recalling the day her sister was abducted. Confronted by demonic manifestations of the pair of boys that were instrumental in crime and with monsters beginning to swarm the store, Lauryn is drawn out of her reverie when Hogg begins to lay into the creatures with his chainsaw.

Deciding to split up and try to rescue their other friends, Hogg makes his way to Silent Hill's lighthouse. Inside, he encounters the damned and dead psychiatrist Troy Abernathy. Having surrendered himself to Christabella in order to save a patient, Abernathy has since freed himself of Christabella's influence. Perceiving the doctor as a threat, Hogg readies his chainsaw, when Abernathy makes another suggestion.

Rejoining Lauryn and the others shortly after they are set upon by the stranger known as Whately, Abernathy advises the man to back off, or Hogg would be forced to deal with his threat. Unimpressed, Whately began to defiantly claim he wouldn't be touched by such filth, when Hogg fires a shotgun into the man's abdomen. As creatures pour out, Hogg, with the help of Lauryn's Thralls and Dr. Abernathy, attempts to hold back the horde of creatures in order to buy Lauryn enough time to gain access to Silent Hill's core of darkness-- an unnamed, female patient.

When Christabella attempts to interferer, Lauryn uses her magical knowledge to banish the horde of monsters, her thralls and the darkness gripping Silent Hill. With the threat vanquished, Hogg opts to stay in Silent Hill along with Lauryn, rather than leave with Clown and Payne.