Will Work For Food

Achievement (Will Work For Food).


Homer hiding from the rain.

Homeless is a sidequest in Silent Hill: Downpour. In the Pearl Creek Underground Subway, Murphy Pendleton will find the homeless man Homer, who complains about the constant rain and offers Murphy a reprieve if he can find him various items. The locations of all these items differ dependent on the game's difficulty level.

Quest solution


Homer's hints on the map.

The first thing he asks for is food; the only food which can be found in the title is a candy bar which can be purchased from a vending machine using some money in the Pearl Creek area. The location of the vending machine differs dependent on difficulty:

  • On easy, it can be found at the intersection of Brite Street and Laymond Avenue.
  • On normal, it can be found on the south end of Cook Street, between Laymond Avenue and Lansdale Avenue.
  • On hard, it can be found in an alley south of Cook Street.

After retrieving the candy bar, return it to Homer and then access will be granted to use the subway tunnel connecting to Hillside.

Homer will then ask Murphy to get him a coat. This can be found inside the Thrift Store in the Chastain Heights area. Once again the location differs dependent on difficulty:

  • On easy, it can be found near the thrift store's cash register.
  • On normal, it can be found in the store's storage room.
  • On hard, it can be found in the back of the storage room.

Bring the coat back to Homer and then access will be granted to use the subway tunnel connecting to the Chastain Heights area.

His final request will be to bring him a fishing rod. This can be found in various different locations in the Pleasant River area dependent on difficulty:

  • On easy, it can be found in Pleasant River near the center of the docks.
  • On normal, it can be found in a spillway just outside the Pleasant River underground entrance.
  • On hard, it can be found on a boardwalk along the eastmost edge of the docks.

Giving Homer the fishing rod grants the player access to the last subway and completes the sidequest.


  • Completing the sidequest unlocks the achievement/trophy "Will Work for Food".
  • After completing the sidequest, the next time the player goes to see Homer in the same station, he will be lying on the ground, either dead or simply unresponsive.


  • Players have reported a glitch where the fishing rod does not appear in the spillway on Normal difficulty. Some players stated that reloading a save inside a nearby building after restarting the console fixes this. Other state that the safest way to avoid this glitch is to obtain both the coat and the rod before giving either of them to Homer.
  • First-time players who miss the money found in the till at the Devil's Pitstop diner can find more money at the Chastain Heights Cinema. Note this area is only accessible after completing the Centennial Building.
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