The briefcase lock with one of the random answers.

This article is a guide for a Silent Hill 2 puzzle.

In Silent Hill 2, James Sunderland encounters two briefcases within the Lakeview Hotel that must be opened to progress the story. The first briefcase, located in the "cloak room" on 2F, must simply be opened using the "Fish" Key found in Lake Shore Restaurant, and contains Key to Hotel Room 204, which opens room 204 on the second floor. Room 204 has a hole on the wall which leads to room 202 that contains the second briefcase, which is locked with a four-letter lock. James must solve the puzzle in order to obtain the Cinderella music box.


Sh2 p08 03

The photo with the answer blacked out.

Unlike traditional numbered locks, the lock of the briefcase employs a four-letter word as its key. This puzzle is one of the few in the game that has a randomly generated answer. The process of finding the answer, however, remains constant. Within the same room, on the bed adjacent to the briefcase, is a mess of scattered photos. One of the photos is marked with black marker, presumably emphasizing its importance. The photo, in truth, depicts the briefcase with the four-letter key entered on the lock.


The thinner used on the photo. In this case, the password is "help".

Sh2 p08 04

Another example with "hell".

In order to view the picture, James must use the thinner obtained earlier in the basement elevator of the hotel. Once the thinner is used, the photo shows the randomly-generated word that unlocks the briefcase. Many of the four-letter words express negative thoughts or emotions. They include:

  • damn
  • dark
  • dose
  • down
  • dull
  • dust
  • hell
  • help
  • kill
  • lose
  • love
  • luck
  • mama
  • mist
  • null
  • open
  • over
  • time
  • town


  • The briefcase with the lock contains the Cinderella music box. The exterior of the briefcase is also covered with stickers signifying its long travels. This is a reference to Cinderella's glass shoe, which traveled to many people before returning to the rightful owner.
  • The Cinderella music box may also symbolize Angela Orosco ("The princess who fled at midnight"). One could assume that the possible keywords which unlock the suitcase are associated with her story. For example: mama (Angela is looking for her mother and she appears to be a deeply significant character to her life), help (Angela's desperate need for help due to her father's abuse), etc.
  • The bed with the photos on them contains many photos of the characters from the game.

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