Howard's Shop is a location in Silent Hill: Book of Memories. The shop is run by Howard Blackwood, and is featured in each zone encountered throughout the game. The player is able to buy and sell items and weapons here in order to aid them in their journey.

The shop will always be a door in the top-left corner from the game's isometric perspective, and may even need a key to unlock it.


Ironically, the shop seems very scarce with supply and has little more than a few green-tinted glass bottles and a few old, rusted, brown and yellow tin cans on the shelves that can be seen behind Howard. There also appear to be a few books scattered to the left of the shop along with a few boxes and craters with unknown contents. On the desk in front of Howard, there are some weapons. Other than this, the shop is very distraught in appearance and has very little to show on offer. Shops mainly appear in Otherworld dungeons.

Howard Blackwood


Howard in his shop.

Howard himself serves little to no real plot significance in Silent Hill: Book of Memories, but appears frequently throughout the game in order to either sell the player objects or deliver items or information. During shop sequences, Howard is known to give short answers to all questions asked and also explains the concept and use of Memory Residue. After this point, little more is done with the his role.

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