This is it... Everything I've been looking for.
—Ike arrives in Silent Hill.

Ike Isaacs is a character from the Silent Hill comics, who makes his first appearance in Paint It Black. A painter by profession, Ike is drawn to Silent Hill in an effort to overcome a case of artist's block.


Ike is a scruffy artist with no ambitions other than to sell his artwork and attain fame and fortune. Unfortunately for the young man, and those people on whose couches he sleeps, he has yet to reach his goal. Not beneath abusing the hospitality of a friend, it was this usurer attitude that prompts him to go to Silent Hill in the first place.

Paint It Black

Ike was a down-on-his-luck painter and a couch surfer, suffering from artist's block and had few options in hand. Kicked out of one friend, Joe's home, with the remainder of his friends brushing him off, Ike was running low on options, when a stranger told him about the abandoned town of Silent Hill. Making the journey, Ike arrives to a place where power and water flow, cable is free, and grocery stores are stocked with food.

Finding a place to call home for a while, Ike paints and finds contentment. Six months after his arrival, he receives a number of art magazines, all with a piece of his as a cover image and singing his praise. Deciding to Leave Silent Hill and claim his riches, Ike finds that the town refuses to let him go.

One year has passed for Ike since he arrived in Silent Hill, and things change when a group of cheerleaders swoops in and take control of the place Ike called home. Unimpressed with the artist's attempts to retake his home, the cheerleaders lock Ike in a closet and keep him there, until two of their own go missing. Looking to Ike for help, he and the cheerleaders set off in search of the missing girls. Shooting through hordes of creatures and discovering a van full of weaponry, the group ends up at a bowling alley being used by the creatures of Silent Hill as a kind of base of operations.

Inside, Ike and Cheryl, captain of the Bengals Cheerleading Squad, find themselves separated from the group and in conflict with some Pyramid Head-like monsters and a group of wolf-creatures. Trapped, Ike begins to spray-paint the wall behind him and Cheryl and is able to pass into it. Pulling Cheryl in with him, the pair stands in a hall full of Ike's paintings. Having no time to explore the meaning of it all, monsters begin to pour in through Ike's paintings and Cheryl starts shooting at the creatures. Ike, however, sees the connection to his painting and orders Cheryl to destroy them with a flamethrower she had acquired.

With the threat of monsters contained, the two continue until they come upon an operating theater. Finding the missing pair of cheerleaders, it seems they had been abducted as specimens to demonstrate the effect of fear on the flavor of human meat. Cheryl opens fire on the lead creature (who seems to have been an instructor of some sort), and is attacked in return. Before the cheerleading captain can be seriously hurt, Ike intervenes and questions the actions the monsters have taken against anyone who passes through Silent Hill. The lead monster is disappointed in Ike, as they had high hopes for the painter.

With the captured cheerleaders free, the four humans finds themselves outnumbered in the operating theater. Ike, finding a tray of blood, splashes the stuff on a nearby wall to create an exit. The cheerleaders, having gone through first, double-cross Ike and spray-paint over the portal on the other side, leaving Ike to deal with the horde of creatures.



Ike, prepared to deal with the change of atmosphere in Silent Hill

Ike was tasked, before the disappearance of Lauryn LaRoache, with finding her sister Christabella and an actor named Kenneth Carter. Once he is able to locate the two, the group begins to search the town of Silent Hill for an item known as a Keris Dagger, an item of Indonesian origin said to be able to steal souls. Together with Lauryn's Book of Power, it is Ike's hope that the trio will be able to dispose of a witch, named Lenora, who had taken control of Silent Hill from Lauryn.

Finding the dagger in an abandoned pool hall, Christabella begins to grow impatient with Ike's rambling and slacker attitude. She kicks him, which causes him to cut himself with the Keris dagger, drawing a horde of monsters to their location. During the ensuing battle, Lenora shows up and banishes Ike from the fight, depositing him in a church somewhere in town.

After Kenneth delivers the deathblow to Samael and reality is restored to its proper course, Ike is living in Paris with Lauryn, working as a waiter.

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