The Indian Runner is a store in the Resort Area of Silent Hill. It is located on the corner of Craig St. and Weaver St. and appears to be a small general store.

Harry Mason may enter this location in the original Silent Hill. The entrance is locked, and thus Harry must solve the combination lock with a code (0473) before entering. Among the supplies found inside are clues and important items pertaining to the optional Kaufmann sidequest that can determine the ending of the game.

Kaufmann sidequest

After rescuing Michael Kaufmann at Annie's Bar and retrieving his wallet, Harry can enter the Indian Runner using the code found inside the wallet. Within the store, Harry can find a photo of the Norman's Motel grand opening, along with a note beside it that reads:

"3 Loaves of bread.
3 Cartons of milk.
2 Dozen eggs.
Deliver to back door daily 8 a.m.
Rear entrance code 0886
Norman Young"

The code at the end (0886) can be used to enter the rear entrance of the motel. Along with the note, Harry can find the key to a safe within the store containing some of the PTV that has been circulating throughout the town.

After entering the rear entrance of Norman's Motel, Harry will find a magnet, a motorcycle, and more information about the White Claudia drug. The motorcycle needs to be started, and after using the magnet to obtain its key in Kaufmann's motel room, Harry finds a vial of Aglaophotis hidden within the gas tank. Kaufmann quickly enters the scene, apparently angered at Harry's meddling, confirming his involvement in the making of the Aglaophotis as well as the drug circulation.

The above scenario must be completed in order to receive the Good+ ending or the Good ending of the game.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories


Indian Runner in Shattered Memories.


A statue outside Indian Runner.

Indian Runner also appears in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, but Harry can't enter it. The sign outside says "The Indian Runner" (whereas the sign in the first game simply says "Indian Runner") and says it sells cigars, souvenirs, and accessories. There is a statue of an Indian outside holding a cigar box. Harry can open the box to find a memento called "Memories Untaken".


  • Norman Young's first name may have been borrowed from Norman Bates, the crazy motel owner in Alfred Hitchcock's film Psycho. The photo of Norman's Hotel Harry finds in the Indian Runner also hints towards this.


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