Isaac Shepherd is one of the four founders of Shepherd's Glen, a town neighboring Silent Hill, and it was he whom the town was named after. He was the town's first mayor and a member of the Order who signed a contract with Mason Bartlett, Cornelius Fitch, and Edwin Holloway.

Born in 1820 as a member of the Shepherd family, he drowned his son, Daniel, upon the founding of their town in 1853, an act which he apparently never forgave himself for doing. He finally died on March 9th, 1882, where he was interned in the Rose Heights Cemetery in the town he had served to found. He was Alex Shepherd's great, great, great, great, great grandfather.

After Adam Shepherd's "betrayal", Isaac's picture was removed from the founder's hall walls and locked into an unused room, which was then boarded up.

Crypt Inscription

Hey, this is the crypt of my ancestor, Isaac Shepherd.
He was one of the original founders of the town.

In memory of
Isaac Shepherd
Died March 9th 1882
at 62 years of age.

I depart this world to face what awaits me
leaving behind this town to my children
and if God is indeed fair and just
I will never be forgiven.

The path of death must once be trod by all.

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