Issue no. 3
Silent Hill - Dead-Alive Issue no 3 - Cover A
Nick Stakal (art)
Chris Bolton (cover)
Ted McKeever (variant cover)
IDW Publishing
Release date
February 2006 (first print)
November 2nd, 2011 (Kindle edition)

Issue no. 3 is the third issue of the Silent Hill: Dead/Alive five-part miniseries and continues the plot from the previous miniseries, Silent Hill: Dying Inside.

The comic was released Februrary 2006 and is written by Scott Ciencin with artwork by Nick Stakal and lettering by Robbie Robbins. The issue was edited by Dan Taylor and published by IDW Publishing.


At the end of Issue 2, Kenneth and Christabella meet Ike Isaacs while running away from the creatures. Ike is the creator of the paintings about Silent Hill that Kenneth has in the real world. With him is Bear, Kenneth's missing dog. Now, with Ike's weaponry and the child's powers, the four of them dispatch the horde of monsters coming after Kenneth and Christabella. During the battle, she notices how Kenneth changes when he's fighting (he shows a violent, bloodthirsty face she likes). Meanwhile, in the real world, Jessica Aldrich's autopsy reveals she wasn't killed by the axe wound; someone, or something, ate her. The story focuses now on Connie Mills, kidnapped and unable to speak because of the witch Lenora, who retains her. Connie is described here as "the empty vessel", soon to be filled, though Lenora doesn't say with what (or by who). She talks about Kenneth as "he who waits", too. In Silent Hill, the kid and the two men share a little talk: Ike tells them he's there because Lauryn LaRoache sent him to find an object and give it to Kenneth. Lauryn already told him about Christabella, too, and his mistrust towards her is blatant along the story. Christabella tells them then about a book that they could use to stop Lenora: The book that gave the power to her sister Lauryn. So the group decide to find whatever object Ike's got to take and the book to fight Lenora. As they walk they find themselves in the middle of a festival made in honor of Lenora ("the anointed one"); a festival of blood, creatures, and gore everywhere. Ike obtains the item he was sent to find: A powerful knife that is said to be a stealer of souls. Ike cuts himself accidentally and the blood attracts the monsters towards them. Once again, they fight, and Kenneth's appearance changes as well into a more sadistic one. Lenora makes her entry now, pleased to see the violent side of Kenneth.

Kenneth changing

Kenneth changing though the battles.

She offers him the chance to know the truth about his past and tells him what's been happening in the real world: Kenneth has murdered another person, maybe two (the detective investigating Jessica's murder and the pathologist who made the autopsy), that making three killings by his hands. And that's what she wants, so he can be her (and her superior's) emissary in the real world. She also reveals Connie, chained to a wooden structure with a giant clock and under a spell that holds her "hollow", lacking of soul and mind. Lenora then gives Kenneth an ultimatum: He has to choose one victim between Christabella, Connie, and Bear or else the three will die. He only has until midnight to decide.


Characters are listed in order of appearance.

  • Ike Isaacs
  • Kenneth Carter
  • Christabella LaRoache
  • Bear
  • Detective Hassel
  • Doctor Shuyler
  • Connie Mills
  • Lenora
  • Mayor Haborym


The comic was published by IDW Publishing in February 2006 with 2 different covers. The issue was later collected in the Silent Hill: Dead/Alive and Silent Hill Omnibus trade paperbacks. Finally, on November 2nd, 2011, the issue was re-released through Amazon Kindle and comiXology.


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