The Ivory Testament is a series of memos which are found in Silent Hill: Book of Memories.


Note #1

The Beginning

Following the age of strife, a pale emmisary
descended from on high, blessing our Order
with the voice of the God. And he did
instruct us in methods to prepare the sacred
vellum that should accept the word of
the God. And he did instruct us in methods
for binding it in accordance to the will
of the God.

Note #2

Word Given Form

And so instructed, we did prepare the sacred
vellum and bind the message, creating an
appropriate vessel for the God's power on
Earth, from which all people shall receive

Note #3

The Law

In those days, the laws of our Order were
transcribed by the Priests in many texts,
among them this Testament, the holiest of our
doctrines. In accordance to the teachings of
the God's Emissary, our Order produced many
tomes that would await the word of the God.

Note #4

Manifesting the Law

As the God bestowed revelations onto our
Order, so they were written. And whatsoever
was committed to the holy vellum, so did the
God's will manifest unto our world.

Note #81

The Emigration

During this age, weak-willed among our Order fell away from the God's teachings. They forsook their eternal birthright and fled the seed of Paradise, taking up settlement across the great waters.

Note #82

The First Sign

And the God said, at the time of fullness, cleanse the world with my rage. Gather forth the White Oil, the Black Cup, and the Blood of the Ten Sinners. Prepare for the Ritual of the Holy Assumption.

Note #100

Days of Ending

Fear not the end of all things. For it shall come to pass that the strength of the Believers shall wane, and in these times of little faith shall the Silent Ones depart.

Lo, the Will of the God must be scattered to the ends of the Earth, so that all might come to hear. In this alone lies salvation.

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