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F-Finally... the Th-Third Revelation... S-Something's g-gonna happen...
—Jasper commenting about the ritual Joseph described to him.

Jasper Gein is a somewhat mentally unbalanced man who appears in Silent Hill 4: The Room.

Along with his friends, Bobby Randolph and Sein Martin, Jasper was fascinated by the mythology of the Order, making it his goal to find out all he could about the cult and its teachings. Unfortunately for Jasper, Bobby and Sein were killed about ten years ago.

While exploring the ruins of the Wish House Orphanage in a surreal world resembling Silent Hill Woods, Walter Sullivan immolated Jasper, who seemed almost appreciative of the act.

Silent Hill 4: The Room

Henry Townshend meets Jasper while walking on a path through a forest outside of the Wish House. Jasper tells Henry about the origins of the stone he is sitting beside, Nahkeehona, also known as the Mother Stone. Henry leaves shortly after Jasper says that the stone is a "bit creepy".

Henry meets him again at the Wish House, at which time Jasper says he will give Henry something if he provides him with a beverage. Henry offers him chocolate milk, which Jasper promptly gulps down, and in return gives Henry a spade. Henry finds the key to the Wish House with the help of the spade; Jasper enters and disappears into one of the rooms.


Jasper's Death Silent Hill 4

Jasper Gein burning to death.

Not too long after, Henry hears a blood-curdling scream and investigates the room that Jasper entered. Upon opening the door, Jasper is seen burning and writhing in agony. After Henry witnesses this act, Jasper shrieks that he saw "the red devil" he was searching for, and he traces the "17/21" carved into his chest with an altar candle and collapses, finally perishing from the burns. Jasper was killed with the "Source" theme of murder. His item for Walter's world is the same bottle of chocolate milk Henry gave him before he died.

Victim 17

Jasper's ghost, still ablaze.

Main article: Victim 17

His ghost, which is still aflame, haunts the Forest World during Henry's return. As a ghost, he wields the candlestick he used to trace the numbers carved into his chest before his death. His hits deal a considerable amount of damage, likely due to the fact that he's on fire. If Jasper is not pinned with a Sword of Obedience in the Forest World, his ghost will return in the Building World, near the level's end.

Another Crimson Tome

About 10 years ago...
"Hey, the Devil is your friend? He will come here soon?" asked Bobby. Then,
the gentle student replied, "No... He is not my friend. Don't hide there. Come
up here guys." After hearing his calling, Sein showed up from the corner and
walked out to join them.
But Jasper could not join them because he was somehow scared and his legs were
"C'mon, don't you wanna meet the devil?" To Jasper, the man's gentle voice
sounded like a devil calling him.
And suddenly he heard Bobby's scream and then Sein's voice screaming "Help
me!" echoing all over the place.
"Hey, still hiding there? Come on up buddy... You came here to see me, Jasper!"
said the man.
Jasper was so scared that he started to run away from him. He stopped running
in front of a drug store in a town, thinking it's OK here since I made this
far. He turned back, but the scary devil was gone.
After the incident, Jasper's friends Bobby and Sein were missing for a while.


Jasper sitting by Nahkeehona.

  • Clifford Rippel, Vincent Smith's voice actor, auditioned for Jasper's role twice, but didn't get the role.[1] This may be because Clifford didn't have enough range and sounded too much like Vincent.
  • Jasper wears an Incubus T-shirt with the word "Haures" beneath it, which is another name for Flauros.
  • Like Angela Orosco, Jasper appears to suffer from a speech impediment, as he often severely stutters when he speaks. This stutter seems to be reduced, however, when Jasper is excited or elated.
  • Jasper is one of the few people Joseph Schreiber met before his ultimate demise. Jasper refers to Joseph as "the nosy guy" in a conversation with Henry, claiming Joseph had given him the blood-inscribed spade as well as directions on where to use it.
  • Jasper wrote two memos in the Forest World, but one of them describes his final seconds before his burning. This may imply that Walter actually imagined Jasper's last moments.
  • He is named after the American killer Ed Gein. This is the second time the name "Gein" has been given to a Silent Hill character; "Eric Gein" was one of the three possible names for a murderer in a Trick or Treat Box puzzle in Silent Hill 2. Whether Eric Gein exists or not and whether he is related to Jasper Gein remains unspecified. In the first game, an article about Ed Gein is used as a sample of a newspaper post in the town.
    • Jasper's last name in Japanese reads with a pronunciation like "GAIN".[1] The "Trick or Treat" segment originally says Eric's surname the same way, though the HD Collection–exclusive voiceover pronounces it "GHINE". However, Ed Gein himself clarified in an interview for a local newspaper that the correct pronunciation is in fact "GEEN".[2]
  • Despite his role in Another Crimson Tome, it should be noted that Jasper had overcome his fear of meeting the devil before meeting his fate.
  • Jasper's theme of murder is "Source". This is likely due to how much information he had and how much he gave Henry, making him a source of information. Also, Jasper's burning body is also the source of the fire that burns down the Wish House. Additionally, Walter's immolation of him may have been influenced by Alessa Gillespie's burning, who was a source of power and supposedly the source of the god's birth and life, and Dahlia Gillespie's supposed paradise, although it is unknown if he actually knew anything about Alessa.


Note: For images of Jasper's ghost form, please view the respective gallery.
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  1. ジァスパー・ゲイン Jasupā Gein
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