Everybody's got their fucking part to play in your little drama, right? I'm just the airhead bitch who makes it easy for you to go.
—Jessica to Kenneth, as she transforms into a demon.

Jessica "Jess" Aldrich is the girlfriend of Kenneth Carter, as seen in Dead/Alive. She becomes jealous of Kenneth's former girlfriend, Connie Mills, believing that he still has feelings for her, which is true.


Jessica first appears in Issue 1 watching one of Kenneth's films, and praising him for his acting. Kenneth's dog, Bear, appears, and she complains that he loves the dog more than he does her. She then asks him why he keeps so many strange paintings in his mansion, and he tells her that it calms him by portraying "inner reality."


Jessica transforms into a demon.

Kenneth then gets a call from the private investigator he hired to find his parents, and talks with him while Jessica does lines of cocaine. The investigator informs Kenneth that his ex-girlfriend, Connie, has gone missing, and Kenneth becomes noticeably worried. Furious, Jessica rants about how he she is worthless to him, whereas he only cares about Connie. As Kenneth tries to console her, she transforms into a demon.


Jessica and the bloody "confession".

In Issue 2, Jessica is found dead, with an axe buried in her skull, by Kenneth's agent; presumably done by Lauryn LaRoache to make Kenneth think he murdered her, thus turning him into a psycho killer. On the wall above her corpse is a message written in blood:

Here lies Jessica Aldrich
An annoying little whore
Who got what she deserves
Kenneth with blood on
His hands COMING
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