No! Let go! Let go! You monster!
—Jessie, as she is attacked by the Pyramid Head

Jessica "Jessie" is a minor character in Silent Hill: The Arcade.

Silent Hill: The Arcade

Jessie is another friend of Eric and Tina who accompanies them to Silent Hill. At the beginning of the game, Jessie is abducted from Jacks Inn motel by the monsters.

Searching for their friends, Eric and Tina hear screams coming from the Brookhaven Hospital. After searching the hospital, they find Jessie being attacked by a Pyramid Head in the Otherworld.

If the player defeats the Pyramid Head in time, Jessie survives; however, if the played fails to defeat the Pyramid Head within the time limit, she is killed.


  • Her texture file is labeled "Jessica", suggesting that Jessica is her full name, while Jessie is her nickname.
  • On the official Japanese website, Jessie's name is spelled "Jesse".
  • Jessica and Tina appear to be very close friends. Tina is vehemently determined to rescue her and is devastated if she doesn't survive.


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