Jocasta Artifact
An unusual, metal object
"A strange symbol. This symbol is made of metal and has the word 'Jocasta' etched into its base."
Unlocks the doors to female seclusion in Cedar Grove Sanitarium
Dr. Harris' Office, 1F, Cedar Grove Sanitarium

The Jocasta Artifact is an item found in Silent Hill: Origins. It is a heavy, metal sculpture of an unknown symbol used to unlock the doors barring access to the female seclusion wing of Cedar Grove Sanitarium. This leads to the game's first boss fight: Momma. The item can be located in Dr. Harris' office.


  • Jocasta is the mother of Oedipus, a famous figure of Greek mythology known for having accidentally killed his father and marrying his mother. It may somewhat allude to Travis Grady's relationship with his parents, seeing as he was very attached to his mother as a child due to her being institutionalized while he was at such a young age, often sneaking into the sanitarium in hopes of seeing her. Travis could also be seen as "indirectly" killing his father by being unable to lighten Richard's spirits while failing to cope with Helen's violent change of personality. As well, before Richard transforms into the Sad Daddy boss, his hanged body tells Travis, "You knew I wasn't sleeping." When the young Travis found his father's dead body, it is stated in a memo that he'd done nothing until authorities arrived; all this may hint to Richard possibly and partially blaming his son for his suicide.
  • The key looks like the common symbol for the female gender.
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