Oh, Joey loves his little garden...
—Mayor Bartlett

Joseph "Joey" Bartlett was the son of Sam Bartlett, the mayor of Shepherd's Glen.

He and his father were descendants of one of the town's four founding families, the Bartlett family. As decreed by the pact made with the Order's god to protect Shepherd's Glen from the curse of Silent Hill, Joey was sacrificed and buried alive (known as vivisepulture) to appease God. In the Grand Hotel's atrium, his father's memory of him as well as his guilt over his son's murder manifests into the demonic Sepulcher, who kills Sam Bartlett and attempts to kill Alex Shepherd.


Joey had a love of plants and was an avid gardener. He was also best friends with Joshua Shepherd, and they often played in his treehouse. Joey's father bought him expensive gifts and anything he asked for, and, like Scarlet Fitch, provided him with the "perfect" childhood during his short life.

When it was time to sacrifice him, Mayor Bartlett buried him alive in the greenhouse and used a big fertilizer bag to avoid suspicion. Bartlett, who was full of guilt and regret after the murder, ended up coping by drinking heavily and mutilating graves at the cemetery, most likely trying to "save" his deceased son.


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