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We've been running on empty for a long time. Living on fumes. It isn't a relationship, it's a courtesy... You don't love me, you love the John in your head.
—John breaking up with Michelle Valdez

John is Michelle Valdez's distant boyfriend in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Following Harry Mason's escape from Midwich High School, Michelle shares the story of her and John's relationship during the walk to The Balkan. John and Michelle have been dating for five years, though he is staying in Massachusetts to pursue his career as a lawyer (a reference to Harvard Law School).

Harry meets John face-to-face after exiting the Green Lion Pawn Shop, where Michelle asks him to give Harry a ride in his car. During the car ride, John and Michelle have an argument regarding their relationship. Though the results are more or less the same, depending on the player's Psych Profile, there are two arguments that can occur between John and Michelle:

  • Michelle believes in their relationship lasting, whereas John does not. She was fully committed to him while he showed little to no interest. He says that the relationship is more of a courtesy. He also states that Michelle was in love with an image of himself she made up and not the actual John. He stops the car and walks out, and a distraught Michelle follows after him.
  • John begins to get jealous and suspicious of Michelle's relationship with Harry when Michelle snaps back. Michelle stops the car herself and walks out, and John leaves to try and salvage their relationship.

Both cases involve John and Michelle's relationship souring and eventually ending and John's car being stopped beside the sewer entrance. When Harry meets Michelle for the final time in Annie's Bar, she reveals that they broke up.


John can appear in two alternate costumes depending on the player's Psych Profile:

  • He sports a black, red, and white striped jacket and has blond hair and slight facial hair. ("Love Lost"-oriented)
  • He wears a black and gray jacket and appears with dark brown hair. ("Sleaze and Sirens"-affiliated)


  • In one of the scenarios, John tells Michelle that she only loves "the John in her head". This alludes to Cheryl Mason's delusions and how John, Harry, and most of the game are elements of her mind.


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