...But a part of me... loves... this place.
—Kenneth in Silent Hill

Kenneth "Ken" Carter is a prominent Hollywood actor who is vital to Whately's plan to bring the god-like being Samael into the mortal realm. Having once had a relationship with Connie Mills, it is this past experience that serves as a catalyst in Kenneth's role during the events that unfold in Silent Hill.


Kenneth, born Joshua Reynolds, is the product of inhuman conception. Having been born to a human father and a mother whose true form was that of a monster similar to those indigenous to Silent Hill, Kenneth was conceived to be a murderer who would help spread the word of Silent Hill. However, Kenneth's parents went against the plan that had been laid for them and shortly after their son's birth, he was put up for adoption to protect him. This would lead Kenneth to spend thousands of dollars later in his adult life looking for any information about his biological parents. The details of Kenneth's early life are largely unexplained, though it is known that he was acquainted with Connie Mills, a resident of Ashton, Vermont.

His early life, while unexplored, leads to him gaining employment in Hollywood as an actor, generally in action films. It is during this point in his life that he began shooting a film on location in Ashton, where he is able to establish contact with Connie once again. The two begin a relationship, during which Connie becomes pregnant with Kenneth's child. Though her reasons aren't explained, Connie ultimately aborts the pregnancy and Kenneth moves on with his life and career. Sometime after he and Connie part ways, Kenneth meets Jessica Aldrich and the two have been dating since.

In addition to his big-screen acting, Kenneth has gained notoriety among tabloid reporters for supposedly appearing in an amateur pornographic film. The film, however, is a fake.


Kenneth, having finished reviewing a copy of his latest film, is at home with his girlfriend when he receives a call from a private investigator. The investigator, who Kenneth had hired to find information about his biological parents, has actually been calling in regards to the recent disappearance of Connie from her hometown. Though Kenneth has no information for the detective, he immediately begins packing his bags, intent on heading out to Vermont. Kenneth, however, never ends up making the trip. As he prepares, his girlfriend's appearance becomes that of some kind of monster, while the walls of his home begin to change into raw, bloody meat. Trying to flee the apparitions around him, Kenneth watches his pet dog, Bear, leap into a hole in a wall that had once been a painting by Ike Isaacs before finding himself standing before a witch who calls herself Lenora.


Kenneth, with Christabella.

She offers to help Kenneth find and locate Connie, but for a price. She warns him that something is waiting in the shadows and wants to "make the world bleed". Lenora herself if a messenger of this entity, and she refers to Kenneth as "he who waits". She and her superiors have a plan for Kenneth, wishing to make him into a murderer who will help bring notoriety to Silent Hill. Not allowing the man to argue, Lenora has a group of monsters drag Kenneth into Silent Hill, where he encounters Christabella LaRoache. The girl, under direction from Lenora, leads Kenneth to a movie theater where the actor is submitted to a short film detailing the changes in store for the world, should Lenora's plan come to fruition. Connie then appears on the theater screen and tells Kenneth that the two of them have been brought to Silent Hill for a reason, which is to usher in the end of the world, and shows Kenneth that Jessica has been murdered in the real world, and the blame has been laid at his feet.

When Connie's eyes begin to bleed, Kenneth sees through the masquerade and is subjected to further conversation with Lenora, until Troy Abernathy interrupts. The doctor arrives with the intent on taking Christabella with him, when he notices Kenneth and decides that the actor will have to die, if only to prevent Lenora's plans from becoming reality. Christabella has other plans and, using power given to her by her sister, tries to encase Abernathy in a tomb of ice. The plan is ineffective, and Kenneth is forced to carry an exhausted Christabella and flee from the theater, all while Lenora yells a warning at the actor regarding the girl he holds. He pays her no mind, feeling that if Christabella can shake Lenora up that much, she's worth keeping nearby. As he runs, Kenneth and Christabella find themselves surrounded by monsters and fearing the worst. Before things can take a deadly turn, the painter Ike arrives, ready to offer help to the actor and girl.

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