Christabella holding the Keris Dagger behind her back.

The Keris Dagger is a weapon of importance appearing in the comic Dead/Alive. Before her disappearance, Lauryn LaRoache tasked painter Ike Isaacs with helping actor Kenneth Carter and her little sister Christabella find and obtain the dagger.


A blade of Indonesian origin, the Keris Dagger is said to be a blade capable of stealing souls. Left behind by Lauryn in a Pool Hall, Ike, Kenneth and Christabella were able to find the weapon, but were attacked almost immediately afterward by a swarm of monsters under the control of Lenora, a witch of considerable power who took control over the forces of Silent Hill. Christabella, hoping to use the tool to kill Lenora and regain control of Silent Hill, stabbed the witch in the chest, to no effect.

As events transpire throughout the course of Dead/Alive and the dagger changes hands multiple times, Christabella finds herself trying yet again to use it to regain the power and feeling of control she once held. Her intended victim this time, however, was the recently-arrived entity Samael. The dagger was, as before, useless.


  • Keris (also called Kris) blades are weapons originating from the Asian region of Indonesia. Legends of the dagger claim that it possess supernatural powers. The blade also holds numerous angles of symbolism, the positives including authority, power, martial prowess, art, and beauty. If war however, the Keris holds a far darker meaning, being representative of bloodshed and violence.
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