This article is a guide for a Silent Hill: Shattered Memories puzzle.

The Keypad Puzzle is featured in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. Harry Mason must type in the right four-number combination into a keypad on the second floor hall of Midwich Elementary School so he can reach the gym.

Solution (Gym)


Locker 1053.

Scribbled above the keypad is the number "1053". This isn't the password for the keypad, but rather the number of a locker further down the room. Backtracking to locker 1053 and opening it reveals nothing inside, save for a few pictures and notes clipped to the back of the door. One of these pictures is captioned "The inseparable duo" – a picture of two football players facing the opposite way. The numbers on their shirts are 10 and 31, respectively.

Inputting "1031" on the keypad opens the door.

Solution (Mall)

Walkthrough puzzle 8b

New Looks Salon solution.

Later on in the game in the mall, Harry will come across one of two possible keypad combinations, depending on which store he enters after a Nightmare. If he enters the New Looks Salon, there will be three mirrors on the wall. Going to the one on the far left (the shattered one) and interacting with it will allow Harry to twist the temperature control knob on the sink to hot, and then turn the sink on full blast. The steam will reveal the code, "1789". Inputting the code on the door to the left will solve the puzzle.

Walkthrough puzzle 8a

Celebration Time Gift Shop solution.

If Harry enters the Celebration Time Gift Shop, there will be a door on the far side across a counter. Around the counter, he will come across an Echo message. Activate it, and the phone call will be an employee asking for the combo, which he forgot as he was drunk. Harry will hear two short melodies play, and he must match these. Around the store are cards for various occasions. The ones Harry will need to find (in order) are the one that plays strings, and the one that plays jazz; these are the 20th anniversary and the 50th birthday. Therefore, the combination is "2050". Go back to the keypad and enter it in.

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