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The Ladder Hook is a weapon found in Silent Hill: Downpour. It is first found upon Murphy Pendleton's first foray into Silent Hill and is used to pull down a ladder, allowing him to gain access to a second story building he wouldn't be able to reach otherwise; it is later used multiple times for the same purpose and is often found within proximity of ladders. For instance, a ladder hook can be found outside of the Fenders Fine Art and Appraisals entrance next to the radio.

The ladder hook can be used to lower the ladder to the Room 302 replica, which is around the block. Also, there is a ladder hook located conveniently across the street from the apartment where the "The Gramophone" sidequest takes place.

The ladder hook can also be used rather successfully in combat. It has very good range, allowing the player to keep their distance from a monster while dealing exceptional melee damage. Like all weapons in the game however, the ladder hook breaks after some use. Being partially wooden, it has less durability than other weapons, but still lasts quite a long time.

It is also important for Murphy to try to reserve these objects for pulling down ladders, since it can take them a long time to respawn. This is especially true in St. Maria's Monastery, where it is imperative to have one of these in order to proceed to an upper level of the building.

It is one of the five weapons the player is required to use along with the plank, knife, fire axe, and Bogeyman's hammer.

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