Lady of the Door

The Lady of the Door with extended arms.

This article is a guide for a Silent Hill 2 puzzle.

In Silent Hill 2, James Sunderland must unlock a special door in order to exit Brookhaven Hospital. The door leads to a stairwell and requires the use of two items that must be placed on the hands of the Lady of the Door. In order to unlock the door, James must solve the small puzzle that addresses it.


The clue to opening the door lies in a note left by one of the hospital patients. It is left on the bed of Room S11, and reads:

"She is an angel no one knows only
I can see the Lady of the Door
they cannot walk along her Bridge
of Thread they fall from the weight
of their crimes.

Like bloated and ugly corpses
their sins she devours them
sin and sinner alike she saves
me she is an angel."

The poem is about the "Lady of the Door", which refers to the three-dimensional figure of a woman on the 3F stairwell door. In order to open the door, the "Lady of the Door" must be given the two objects referred to in the poem:

  • The first item is related to the "Bridge of Thread" stated in the poem. Once obtaining the copper ring, James can examine it and see that it has an engraving of a spider, which create bridges with their silk (thread).
  • The second item is referred to as the "bloated and ugly corpses" of sin. After obtaining and examining the lead ring, it is clear that the bloated face engraved on the ring is what the poem alludes to.

After using the two rings on the hands of the "Lady of the Door", the door unlocks and James can walk down the stairwell.


The poem refers to the angel as a "she", indicating that perhaps the "angel" is symbolic of Mary Shepherd-Sunderland. This would also explain the content of the poem - the fact that the poet states no-one can "walk along her bridge" and that only they can see her could be a reference to the unique husband-wife relationship James and Mary shared.

More evidence to support this theory is the fact the poet states that they are "saved" by the angel - possibly referring to how in the "Leave" ending, James' realization of his murder of Mary and his acceptance of it is what allows him finally leave with Laura and move on with his life.

However, if the "In Water" ending is considered canon, then this quote could refer to how James' realization of his murder of Mary and his inability to live without her allows him to end his life - "saving" him from the isolation he would face without Mary and persecution from the outside world.

The Lady of the Door may also relate to Maria, as James passes through it and Maria is killed soon after.

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