The Lair is the final location in Silent Hill: Homecoming. This underground structure serves as the Order's apparent base of operations, where members gather, and where those who have been targeted as enemies of the cult are brought for punishment.

Its location isn't outright known, but it is implied to be located underneath the Church of the Holy Way in Central Silent Hill.

It is here that Alex Shepherd confronts many nameless members of the Order, Margaret Holloway, who is thought to have revived the Order, Curtis Ackers, and Amnion, the game's final boss.



A map of the Lair.

The Lair is divided up into three, nearly indistinct sectors, the reason behind which is unknown. There appears to be no method to the floor plan, except to confuse those unfamiliar with the structure. As is typical, most rooms within the Lair are either locked or jammed shut. Those that can be entered are generally used as torture chambers. Duct work and boilers are abundant, and seepage drains are laid into most areas, indicating either severe leaking, or a close proximity to water. Profuse amounts of blood, the result of many of the Order's executions and torture methods, could also explain the drains.

Rooms found within each sector are numbered and each room is prefixed with its sector number followed by its room designation. For example, Room 301 would be Sector Three, Room 1. An oddity worth mentioning is that, as shown on the game map, rooms don't necessarily follow a numerical order.

Plot significance


One of the Lair's torture rooms.

Due to the failure of Shepherd's Glen's 50-year cycle of ritual sacrifice, the town is suffering from a backlash instigated by the Order, which the Founders had "separated" themselves from long ago. Townsfolk had begun to go missing, and it's learned that their disappearances have been orchestrated by none other than the Order. Taken to the Lair, those who have been kidnapped are either persuaded to rejoin the central faith, tortured to the breaking point of doing so, or outright killed. Their blood would be collected in jars and tanks for ritual purposes.


Alex exploring the Founder's Chamber, deep inside the Lair.

Located deep within the Lair are a pair of chambers. Both pertain to the pact that the founders of Shepherd's Glen established with their God. The first holds tablets inscribed with a declaration of intent on behalf of the families, each promising to sacrifice a child every 50 years. The second is the chamber where the sacrificed children are brought and, presumably, presented to God.


  • Screams, as well as what sounds like a bell and clanking, can be heard while walking through the different halls of the Lair.
  • The overall appearance of the Lair has many similarities to the gore film Hostel, however the objective of the film's facility greatly differs from the one in the game.
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