The Lair Memos are memos in Silent Hill: Homecoming that can be found in the lair of the Order. A good deal of them shed light on the cults motives for kidnapping many of the residents of Shepherd's Glen. They also offer a look into the internal workings of the Order.

A Skeptic in Silent Hill

Found in Room 211, this seems to be a synopsis of a book. It makes mention of Douglas Cartland from Silent Hill 3.

Through the Fog - A Skeptic in Silent Hill
By: Paul Scheible
Silent Hill: A town known for its mysterious happenings and now-defunct cult, "The Order," which was recently exposed by Detective Douglas Cartland.
But, what darkness really lies behind the simple veneer of this sleepy town? Paul Scheible's latest book chronicles his research during a two-year stay in the town, including detailed interviews with long-time residents, cult documents you won't find anywhere else, and an appendix of popular local legends.
As expected, life in Silent Hill is far more mundane than you may have heard, and the "great evil" The Order sought to find originated from the same abyss whence all religions spring: nowhere darker than the fanatical minds of its followers.


Found in Room 301, this memo makes mention of an experiment, though no useful details are expounded upon. It can be speculated that members of the Order came to Shepherd's Glen to warn them of the catastrophe that would befall them for parting from Silent Hill, and that they instructed the founding families to periodically sacrifice their children to prevent such an event.

The experiment failed.
It was a shining hope for us all, but the weakness of a few has darkened that light for us all.
However, we will survive, we must.
Our purpose is too great to be halted and no cost is too great in the service of our Lord.
Shepherd's Glen is lost, and its people are doomed to Hell and don't even know it.
It falls to us, and our enduring Order to save them.
We alone can offer them salvation, and their salvation lies here in Silent Hill where we belonged all along.
Go, save them all. They are frightened and know not what awaits them if they refuse us, so give them the choice.


This memo, found in Room 320, seems to be a religious credo. It may be the root to the sacrifice that occurred in Shepherd's Glen.

Every child born of the flesh bears the Filth of the flesh that created it
The lives of the un-pure are steeped in Filth and their deeds and words spread Filth through the world
Even Death is not enough to cleanse generations of this Filth from the flesh.
The only way to ensure these poor souls can live pure lives is to cleanse the flesh from their bodies.


A pamphlet found in Room 301, it was most likely meant to be posted around Silent Hill.

The time has come! These dark days are merely a test to find the worthy!
None of you will survive the coming fires, you know this in your hearts.
All of the horrors you may have witnessed are nothing compared to the Hell that awaits you.
We know your fears; we know you are not mad.
Flee to us for shelter from the coming storm.
Flee to us to absolve your sins.
Flee to us because you have nowhere else to run.
Please join us at our weekly service, Fridays, 6pm at the Church of the Holy Way.
Coffee and donuts served.


Found in Room 302, this seems to be a list of those who may have been killed by members of the Order.

By decree of the ordained council, the following have been chosen to serve the will of our divine lord--
Autrey H. Thomas S. Terri L. Maggie G.
Mary A. Sarah E. David S. Julie J.
Susie R. William H. Recie T. Milli A
Remember the penalty for not serving our lord is death.
"Do not keep company with those who have not faith. For what is there in common between righteousness and evil, or between light and dark?"


A note detailing the conversion of seven people, it also seems to be a mercy plea. It can be found in Room 301. Some speculate that this may have been written by Adam Shepherd.

I'm happy to report today I successfully converted seven subjects to serve the will of our divine lord.
If God is willing, please take this as a sign of my commitment and spare my wife, for she does not know better.


This memo can be found in Room 113.

1. Commitment
All Members of the Order must have fully committed themselves to this purpose in their beliefs, their activities and their lives.
2. Membership
Membership within the Order is extended to all that seek the Old Ways.
A. Levels of Membership
a. Mother Circle
-The Mother is considered the founding group of the Order. The name of the founding group is The Mother.
b. Daughter Circle
-Any Second Generation group hived off of The Mother.
c. Servant Circle
-Any Third Generation group stemming from The Mother.
3. The High Council
The High Council is set in place as a tool for all within the Order to make use of. The purpose of the High Council shall be to aid in the process of group formation as needed, act as a governing body in matters pertaining to the Order as a whole, and to be a judge/jury if asked to settle disputes.
4. Grievances and Discipline Procedures
All decisions made by the High Council are binding. Presenting your case before the Council implies your acceptance of their decision. Those seeking mediation must contact the Scribe.
a. The High Council shall be called in to preside over disputes within a group to hear complaints and accusations of inappropriate acts, abuse of power by leaders and any other complaints that are deemed worthy to preserve the public image or internal integrity of the Order.
b. The nature of the disciplinary action shall be decided at the sole discretion of The High Council. These actions shall contain, but not be limited to, assignment of manual labor, persecution of an individual member, banishment of an individual member, and banishment of a group.
c. If an individual member wishes to leave the Order, they are required to bring their request to the High Council.
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