James in the "Lake Shore" Restaurant.

The "Lake Shore" Restaurant is a small restaurant visited in Silent Hill 2. James Sunderland visits the restaurant while exploring the Lakeview Hotel on the edge of Toluca Lake. Inside the restaurant are many chairs and tables, one of which is prepared with a plate and silverware. It's on this plate that James can find the "Fish" Key needed to open a briefcase in the second floor Cloak Room. There is also a grand piano at the corner of the room, most likely used to play music while patrons eat.

After James enters the restaurant and attempts to leave, he will be interrupted by a sudden note played from the piano. Apparently, Laura had arrived at the hotel before James had and she waited behind the piano to surprise him. She tells James that she, like him, is here to find Mary. She shows James a letter that Mary had intended to give her in the hospital. In the letter, Mary tells Laura that she is in a "beautiful and quiet place now" and wishes her a happy 8th birthday. This perplexes James, as Laura says she had just turned eight the week before. Laura then mentions another letter which she seems to have lost. Laura leaves, determined to find the letter and Mary, while James is left to mull over Mary's death and the letter Laura has shown him.


  • Upon examining the piano, James remembers how Mary loved to play piano before they got married; though she wasn't good at it, he liked her playing.


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