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Lakeside Amusement Park is an amusement park in Silent Hill. Located on West Sandford Street in the Resort Area of Paleville, it's a popular tourist attraction with key activities including a rollercoaster, a carousel, a ferris wheel, and a few other carnival rides and sideshows.

Robbie the Rabbit is one of Lakeside Amusement Park's four mascots. The others are Kathy the Kitty, Huey the Horse, and Dawn the Duck. However, Robbie is displayed the most prominently throughout the games.

The Lakeside Amusement Park is visited in the games Silent Hill, Play Novel: Silent Hill, Silent Hill 3, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, and Silent Hill: The Arcade, as well as featuring in the film Silent Hill: Revelation. Though not visited in the game, Silent Hill: Homecoming features a postcard from the park. Excluding the Normal ending of Silent Hill 3 and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Lakeside Amusement Park is always seen in the Otherworld.


Lakeside Amusement Park features many attractions, which all seem to take on a threatening quality in the Otherworld.

Borley Haunted Mansion

Main article: Borley Haunted Mansion

Borley Haunted Mansion.

A haunted mansion, advising pregnant and weak-hearted people to refrain from entering; children under the age of eight must be accompanied by an adult. In the first room, an announcer will greet the player in an ominous voice. In the third room of the mansion, Heather Mason is unable to continue until she has met "Danny". The next room has a spiked ceiling and, if the game is on Hard action mode, the player must crouch (by holding the "ready weapon" button), or else Heather will be killed. The last two hallways feature a red mist that follows Heather as she runs away from it. If this mist touches Heather, she will die instantly.

Happy Carousel

Main article: Happy Carousel

Heather viewing the Happy Carousel.

A carousel featuring many "living", skinned, deteriorating horses, possibly all replicas of the mascot Huey the Horse. Heather must kill these horses by repeatedly attacking them. Some of the horses breathe toxic fumes from their mouths, so it is important not to stand in front of them. Harry Mason also fights (or saves, depending on player action) Monster Cybil here and Heather fights the Memory of Alessa here as well. During the fight with the Memory of Alessa, a female figure can be seen burning in the center of the carousel. This may signify the burning Alessa Gillespie went through. Heather states that the carousel is rather "unhappy".

Mountain Coaster

Mountain Coaster.

Main article: Mountain Coaster

An ordinary roller coaster. Its control panel turns on as Heather is walking along its tracks, causing the carriage to run into and kill her. However, this is just a dream, and when Heather later enters the park for real, this premonition leads her to turn off the roller coaster so that she can safely traverse the tracks without being struck by an oncoming ride.[1]

Swing Rocket

Heather boards the Swing Rocket.

Main article: Swing Rocket

A carousel-type spaceship ride. In order for her to gain access to the east side of the park, Heather must connect one end of a rusty chain to the center column of the ride and the other to a nearby gate. After turning on the ride, the chain wraps around the center column as it turns until the previously locked gate is pulled open. After this, the ride is no longer operational.

Fortune House

Fortune House.

Main article: Fortune House

A fortune-teller's house that features a fortune-teller and a crystal ball. Heather finds Douglas Cartland's notebook and a doll head carved out of an apple here.

Tea Cup

A teacup ride that spins around. From above, its three teacups resemble the Halo of the Sun. Douglas Cartland eventually rests on a bench next to this ride in the ending of Silent Hill 3.[2]



Main article: Amphitheater

An outdoor stage with many bleachers around it. Cinderella's missing red shoe is located in the center of it. Situated around the theater, one will also discover pictures of each of the four Lakeside Amusement Park mascots.[3]

Marchen Travel

Main article: Marchen Travel Puzzle

A train car ride where the player can see Snow White, Cinderella, and a fierce dragon. Heather doesn't actually ride the train car in-game, but must pass through the area by completing a puzzle involving the Cinderella and Snow White dolls.[4]

Star Travel

Star Travel.

Another roller coaster.[5]

River Fall

A water ride.[6]

Pirates in Storm

There are signs for this ride, but it cannot be seen in-game.

Green Labyrinth

Green Labyrinth.

There are signs for this attraction near Mountain Coaster and Borley Haunted Mansion. Tents with floral ornamentation can be seen from the Mountain Coaster.

Sky Flower

It cannot be seen in-game. The sign for the attraction is near Magic Ice Cream House.

Sweet Factory Store

Main article: Sweet Factory Store

Robbie toys for sale in the souvenir shop.

A store also visited in Heather's nightmare where visitors can buy treats, chocolate, Butter Cakes, T-shirts, stuffed animals of Robbie the Rabbit, and more. Eileen Galvin and Joshua Shepherd have their own Robbie the Rabbit dolls.

Lakeside Bar and Grill

A place to eat.[7]

Magic Ice Cream House

Main article: Magic Ice Cream House

Magic Ice Cream in Silent Hill 3.

An ice cream shop that appears in Silent Hill and Silent Hill 3. Harry's notebook can be found here in Silent Hill 3. In Silent Hill, the same notebook acts as a save point.

Imports Toy Shop

Another toy shop that sells antique homemade dolls and has a toy village. [8]

Candy Pot

Another candy store.[9]

Dina's Tea Party

Possibly a tea shop.[10]

Shattered Memories Attractions

List of attractions.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Lakeside Amusement Park has nine attractions.

The Ride of Your Life

An attraction which supposedly offers "the ride of your life". Depending on the player's Psych Profile, it can be a pendulum ride called "Cupid's Bow" (related to the "Love Lost"" ending), a teacup-style barrel ride called "Pirate Pete's Barrels of Grog" ("Drunk Dad" ending-oriented), a carousel ride called "Wild Horses" for which the sign depicts a cowgirl wearing short shorts and a top that reveals much of her cleavage (hints towards the "Wicked and Weak" ending) or "Hot Rod Racers" (if the player is on the "Sleaze and Sirens" route).

The Arcade

An area with gambling machines and presumably more. One of the machines can be used to win the memento "Eve".

Crystal's Dreaming

A concession stand that, judging by the large cup of ice cream on top of the establishment, sells frozen yogurt.

Flamin' Hot Dogs

A concession stand that, apparently, sells spicy hot dogs.

Cinderella Candy

A shop where one can buy treats.

Tunnel of Love

Main article: Tunnel of Love

Tunnel of Love.

A ride taken upon swan boats through dark passages, in pairs. It's meant to provide a relaxing environment to encourage romance between couples. Inside the Tunnel of Love, an ice statue of Harry Mason and his wife Dahlia can be seen aboard one of the swan boats. Harry will also see a silhouette of what appears to be the 7-year-old Cheryl roaming in the tunnel. Harry must pass through the tunnel in order to reach the jetty behind the amusement park.

Roller Coaster

A roller coaster that is currently closed off from the public.

Myths and Legends

Myths and Legends.

An attraction that appears as a medieval castle with dungeons and dragons. Outside is the cutout of a knight and dragon seen frequently throughout the game. On the left side of the castle is a board with two holes for visitors' faces. Should Harry take a picture, the picture will show Harry and a young Cheryl with their faces in said areas.

The Great Wheel

A Ferris wheel which has a view of the entire lake.

Silent Hill: Revelation

The Amusement Park entrance.

Heather Mason dreams of being in the amusement park in the film's opening. Her nightmare ends when she is burned alive on the carousel.

When Heather returns to Silent Hill, Vincent Cooper tells her that her father is in the sanctuary beneath the amusement park. At the park, Heather faces Dark Alessa on the carousel and reunites with her dark self. The carousel descends and Heather makes her way to the Order's sanctuary.

The park is depicted like a carnival and was filmed in Toronto, Canada. It has several rides including a carousel operated by Red Pyramid, a Zipper, two Ferris wheels, and a teacup ride. It also had a food stand selling cotton candy, popcorn, snow cones, and candy apples, another stand selling Robbie the Rabbit dolls, some mini-game prize booths, and a goldfish stand.


A billboard advertising the "colorful" amusement park in Silent Hill 2.

  • Lakeside Amusement Park may have been based on the Lakeside Amusement Park in Denver, Colorado. [11]
  • In Silent Hill, a billboard for the park can be seen in the Resort Area before entering the sewers.
  • In Silent Hill 2, a billboard can be seen off the side of Nathan Avenue advertising the amusement park. It is also one of the correct answers for the Trick or Treat Box.
  • In Silent Hill 3, the name of the ride "Marchen Travel" may be a reference to the German fairy tales Märchen, in which several aristocrats temporarily transform into beasts (much like werewolves). In Snow White and Rose Red, the tame bear is really a bewitched prince, and in The Golden Bird, the talking fox is also a man.

Robbie on a postcard.

  • In Silent Hill 4: The Room the park is mentioned by Henry Townshend when he examines the Lighthouse photo in his room.
  • In Silent Hill: Homecoming, one of the three postcards Alex Shepherd must gather during his way through the hotel shows Robbie the Rabbit in front of the park.
  • In Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, a billboard for the park can be seen near the plaza in the Resort Area.
  • Despite the fact that Lakeside Amusement Park appears in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Robbie is completely absent in the entire game.


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