This article is about the monster in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. For the monster from the original Silent Hill, see Larval Stalker.

Larval Stalkers are partially visible, ghost-like entities in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. They are harmless, but still emit static and make high-pitched sounds almost identical to those of Raw Shocks. They are different than the original Larval Stalkers in Silent Hill as they are much taller, but they will still run away when Harry shines his light on them. Larval Stalkers in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories serve a purpose — they can be seen following Harry Mason and/or alerting him to different things.


Unlike in the original Silent Hill, the Larval Stalkers in Shattered Memories are not meant to represent the memories of Alessa Gillespie being teased during school. In Shattered Memories, they seem to represent the memories of Harry's daughter Cheryl, due to their appearance and the events that they are involved in.


The first time Harry encounters a Larval Stalker is in one of the cabins on the outskirts of Silent Hill. The Larval Stalker is in the center of the room, crouching near a pool of blood as if it is crying. When Harry is close enough, the Larval Stalker stands up, screams and runs towards Harry, causing the Ice World to take over.

Its next appearance is in Midwich High School after entering the school from the road. It appears sitting on a bench in a hallway, seemingly crying once again, and runs away when Harry gets close. This occurs again inside one of the biology labs, where it is crouched between the tables, then finally in the hallway outside of the gym entrance, before the door locked by a keypad. If the player goes back into the courtyard and re-enters the lab after an extended period of time, it may reappear in the biology lab.

Another appearance is in the Toluca Mall; it is behind the pet shop, and a message reveals that Cheryl has shoplifted.

The Larval Stalker is encountered again while exploring the Tunnel of Love at Lakeside Amusement Park. Harry gets a phone message of him and his wife in the Tunnel of Love. In the background, a voice (the ride operator) says the ride will temporarily halt due to an unauthorized guest inside of it. There, Harry must chase the Larval Stalker, shining his light on it multiple times before the exit door opens. Later, Harry gets a second message which reveals that the guest is Cheryl, who was spying on Harry and his wife and apologizes for ruining their ride.

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