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This article is a guide for a Silent Hill: Origins puzzle.

The Laundry Puzzle is a test of memory found in Silent Hill: Origins and is located in the laundromat area of Riverside Motel. Inside one of the washers, a key has become stuck. To retrieve it, Travis Grady must reset the machines by switching between cycles in a specific pattern. When done correctly, the key can be retrieved from the opened machine.


First, the player should read the janitor's note:

One of the laundry machines is
busted again. The weird guy in
Cleopatra was shouting at me,
wanted me to go fix it but I
couldn't leave the reception.
Anyhow, after getting all red in the
face, the fella just ran off. Hasn't
been back since--up and drove off.
Could you take a look at the
machine when you get a minute?
Stick a token in it and do the
reset thing (Set it to low spin, 60
wash, drain then pre-rinse).
Put anything you find inside in the
lost and found.
Thanks, Ed"

The washing machine guide

The washing machine's operation guide clarifies which symbols on the selection dial corresponds to what cycle. After turning it to the right cycle, the dial must be pushed down. This process must be repeated for each cycle specified. Based on the clock, the turns are:

  1. 8 o'clock
  2. 4 o'clock
  3. 10 o'clock
  4. 1 o'clock

When done correctly, Travis can obtain the Cleopatra Key.

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