Stop by anytime, I'm always here. It's going to be a beautiful day.
—Lauryn after gaining control of the power of Silent Hill

Lauryn LaRoache is the sister of Christabella LaRoache and an adept in the occult. After viewing a videotape shot in Silent Hill, Lauryn and a group of her friends head to the abandoned town. Once there, the malevolent presence inhabiting Silent Hill begins to manifest, revealing itself to be contained in the form of Lauryn's sister.



Lauryn before Christabella's death.

Lauryn was born and raised in Silent Hill with her sister Christabella until she was thirteen, when her sister was murdered. Where she and her family went after the tragedy is unknown. After trying to put Christabella's death behind her, Lauryn joined her school's cheerleading squad and headed the debate team. During the year prior to her arrival in Silent Hill, Lauryn's academic pursuits took a turn towards things of a darker nature. She began to study the occult, acquiring a black book of spells from eBay and changing her appearance to match her new interests.

Despite her "hard" exterior, Lauryn has other interests which may be considered surprising. In addition to her unconventional academic studies, Lauryn also has a great love for country music. She considers the classic Nashville singers to be "the great old ones", in her eyes. She also wears Hello Kitty pajamas to bed, "every night", and she'd like to attend college in France, where she would also like to pursue a career in modeling. Lauryn has a steady boyfriend in the form of Raymond Foch, known to his friends as Clown, though it is unknown how long the two have been seeing each other. While she and Raymond have a serious relationship, she's also seeing his brother Oliver behind Clown's back.

She blames herself for her sister's death. On the night Christabella was killed, she had been in Lauryn's care. When two boys approached the pair and asked if Christabella could join them and their mother in conversation, Lauryn was eager to get rid of her. She had been talking to a boy she liked, and couldn't speak as freely as she wanted with Christabella nearby. She let her sister go with the boys, but would never see her again. The two boys, who didn't even know Christabella, had been used as a way to abduct the girl without causing a scene.


Being schooled in the arcane arts, Lauryn is able to perform various degrees of magic. She is able to (with varying degrees of success) banish beings from the physical plane of existence and summon them back to it. She is able to manipulate the forces at work in Silent Hill, shaping the town as she so desires, and can cast illusions. She can also command some aspects of necromancy, as seen in the raising of her dead friends as thralls.




While initially introduced as a separate character, the witch Lenora is actually a dual-identity of Lauryn's. When Whately's plan to bring Samael into the mortal realm reaches fruition, Lauryn vanishes from Silent Hill, leaving Lenora in her place. Lenora offers that she's working in league with Whately, going so far as to facilitate the abductions of both Kenneth Carter and Connie Mills, individuals instrumental in Whately's scheme.

Under the guise of Lenora, Lauryn claims she doesn't possess a soul, as is evident when Christabella attempts to kill her using the Keris Dagger, a weapon capable of stealing a victim's soul. She also demonstrates the ability to cast intricate illusions, enter and leave Silent Hill as she pleases, open portals leading to and from locations of her choosing and the capability to survive extreme bodily harm. Lenora's personality also differs greatly from Lauryn's. Lenora is not adverse to killing anyone or anything that hinders her plans, or the plans of her "superiors".

Whately ends Lauryn's ruse shortly after the arrival of Samael.

Dying Inside


Lauryn sits holding Lynn DeAngelis' camcorder.

Lauryn first plans an expedition to Silent Hill with some friends after viewing a video tape of footage shot there by a film student who had been admitted to a hospital Clown had worked at. Upon arrival, Lauryn and her group of friends separated into four smaller groups in order to cover more ground in the city. Going with Clown, Oliver (also called Payne), and their friend Hogg, Lauryn is quickly found by the empowered and malevolent spirit of her sister Christabella. Though she tried to use her skill in magic to give her sister rest, Christabella had been in Silent Hill too long, and had absorbed a great deal of the power in the area. With her plan failing, Lauryn and her friends flee. Seeking shelter in a sporting goods store, the four arm themselves and separate once again. Hogg heads to Silent Hill's lighthouse, while Lauryn, Clown, and Payne head to Midwich Elementary School.

En route, the trio are once again attacked, this time by a monster that flies. Lauryn is forced to crash the car they had been procured into a tree to kill the creature. All three friends survive the crash, but the brothers are unconscious. This development works in Lauryn's favor though, as Christabella uses the opportunity to attack. With Clown and Payne knocked out, Lauryn reveals to her sister that she had marked all of her friends, allowing her to resurrect them as empowered thralls in the event of their deaths. Lauryn's thralls are able to fight off Christabella's monsters, but soon other monsters begin to appear, that aren't under Christabella's control. These newcomers begin attacking the Foch brothers, who have regained consciousness. Lauryn orders her thralls to protect the two, but Christabella's monsters refuse to let them near the boys. Christabella offers to kill the newly arrived creatures in exchange for Lauryn's help. Lauryn agrees and Christabella saves her sister's friends.

Christabella then tells Lauryn there is a power struggle in Silent Hill and Lauryn is now going to help her gain full control over the forces of the town. She is sent to Brookhaven Hospital, where an unnamed female patient lies sleeping and is breeding the darkness. Lauryn and her thralls head inside and find their target, who is protected by a sealed door, kept locked by a mathematical riddle. Before she can make progress on the door seal, a magic symbol encircles her thralls and incinerates them. Out of the flames walks Whately, an otherworld entity and servant of Samael. Whately is intent on executing Lauryn for her sister's misdeeds when the young woman is saved by Hogg, who arrives with Troy Abernathy, a former slave of Christabella's, in tow. Hogg kills Whately, but monsters begin to spawn from the corpse.

Abernathy, Hogg, and Lauryn's remaining thralls try to buy her time to open the door and awaken the girl behind it. Doing so will end all of the darkness gripping Silent Hill, but Christabella has other plans. She presents Clown and Payne, threatening their safety if Lauryn refuses to help her get Troy back under her control, so he can kill the girl on the other side of the door. Doing that will grant Christabella the complete control of Silent Hill she desires. Lauryn loses all patience with her sister and calls her a murderer and power hungry. Christabella only replies that Lauryn is no different, which sparks a thought within Lauryn. She is then able to banish the monsters attacking her thralls, her thralls, and the monsters under Christabella's control. Lauryn leaves her sister in the care of Troy Abernathy and repels the dark atmosphere of Silent Hill.

Lauryn is able to recreate the town as a place of camaraderie and happiness.



Lauryn, as seen in Dead/Alive.

Lauryn is absent for a great deal of the events that occur in Silent Hill during Dead/Alive, working instead as the witch Lenora. When Whately reveals Lenora's true identity, she is drawn into combat with him. No winner is decided, however, as Samael is slain and reality as it had been for those in Silent Hill is fundamentally changed. In this new reality, Lauryn resides in France with painter Ike Isaacs, who is now working as a waiter. Lauryn appears to be the only one with any recollection of the events that happened in Silent Hill.


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