Just remember, this ain't about me, Cunningham. It's about how much you love your father.
—Trent to Anne

Leonard B. Trent is a minor character in Anne's Story and the warden of Wayside Maximum Security Penitentiary.

Suspecting Murphy Pendleton and wanting revenge for her father, Anne Marie Cunningham slept with him for a transfer. However, word got out and her reputation was diminished, ending her marriage with Mark Cunningham.

Eventually, the transfer to Ryall State Prison was successful.

During Anne's Story, Anne's shame over what she and Leonard did and of the consequences of these actions manifests as a phallic monster that reminds Anne of what they did together.

In Downpour, during her finale confrontation with Murphy following the death of the Wheelman, Anne briefly alludes to these events, angrily referring to them as "sick things".


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