The monster lurks

The message.

Leonard Rhine, "The Monster Lurks" is a piece of graffiti in the original Silent Hill. It is considered a memo.[1]


The graffiti is found in the Otherworld boys' restroom on the first floor of Midwich Elementary School. It is in the same stall as the decaying, crucified corpse, written in blood on the wall to the right.

The message refers to the book of the same name found in the school's library, containing the chapter on "Manifestation of Delusions".[2]

The book cannot be discovered without reading the graffiti on the wall first.


Leonard Rhine
The Monster Lurks

Leonard Rhine, "A Monster Lies Dormant"

レナード・ライン 潜在する怪物


  • The Japanese title of the book, "潜在する怪物" (senzai-suru kaibutsu (lit. "Dormant Monster"), relates much more closely to the contents of the book itself, as seen with the chapter "Manifestation of Delusions".
  • A character named "Leonard Rhine" is never mentioned in any other Silent Hill installment, leaving his identity entirely unknown. The novelization of the game says Leonard Rhine is an author who focuses on the occult.[citation needed]
  • A portrait hanging in the Gillespie house bears a stunning resemblance to the corpse found in the stall.
  • The setup of the stall itself is a likely homage to a scene in the Dean Koontz novel Phantoms, a known inspiration of the series.[3][4]


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