This article is for Leonard's role in the film. For his role in the game, see Leonard Wolf.
Where else would you go, to mend your mind...
—Leonard, in regards to the asylum.

Leonard Wolf is a character from Silent Hill: Revelation. He is the father of Claudia Wolf and the grandfather of Vincent Cooper. Claudia also calls Christabella her sister, heavily implying Leonard is Christabella's father, but this isn't certain as it's possible Claudia and Christabella have different fathers.


At one point, Leonard was the leader of the Order, a fanatical cult that wanted to use Alessa Gillespie to birth their god. However, things went awry when the cult underestimated Alessa's powers, leading her to split her soul and drag the entire cult into an alternate reality.

Sometime before the events of Revelation, Claudia and the Order decide that Leonard has become tainted by Alessa's evil, and they send him to Brookhaven Asylum, where he is chained down and abandoned after multiple attempts to "fix him", which led to tell-tale scars on the back of his head. At another point in time, Rose Da Silva visited Leonard and stole half of the Seal of Metatron from him so that she could free her adopted daughter.

Silent Hill: Revelation

Leonard monster 3

Leonard as a monster.

Vincent sends Heather Mason, the manifestation of the good side of Alessa's soul, to find Leonard. Heather approaches him with half of the Seal of Metatron, and asks him to give her the other half. Instead, Leonard shoves her half of the Seal into his body, where it automatically combines with its other half. His eyes are eliminated of their blindness, and upon seeing the "truth" of Heather, attacks her. Heather retaliates by firing at him, which knocks him back into the shadows, only to find moments later that he has morphed into a monster. Initially, Heather is overcome by him, but then she reaches into his chest and rips out the Seal, killing him almost instantly.

Relation to the Gillespies

According to the official canon of the first Silent Hill, Christabella is the biological sister of Dahlia Gillespie, the mother of Alessa. This makes Leonard also the father of Dahlia, and grandfather to Alessa/Heather. It is likely that this is a retcon of the first film.


  • "Oh, there are many Silent Hills. Are you sure it's this one?"
  • "I'm just uh, an... ongoing project."
  • "The true nature of things." (To Heather after she inquires what the Seal unlocks)
  • "And now, I see the truth of you... you're a demon! You must be destroyed!"


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