The Levin St. House must be entered in order to reach Midwich Elementary School in Silent Hill. After searching for Cheryl Mason in the alley and finding the "to school" note, her father finds that all of the roads are blocked to the school. He finds another note on Matheson St. that reads, "Dog House. Levin St." Once he has read the note, Harry is able to check the bloody dog house in front of one of the houses on Levin Street. He finds a key there, which unlocks the house.

Inside the house, Harry finds the back door locked, as well. There is a map with markings on it, reading "Keys for Eclipse." He copies the information onto his map, which tells him where to find the three Keys for Eclipse. After finding these and returning to the house, he can unlock the three locks and progress to the back yard. He can then leave and head toward the school.

If the player has beaten the game twice (once obtaining a Good/Good+ ending, and once obtaining Bad/Bad+ ending) and has started a new game in the "Next Fear" mode, Harry will be able to access the previously locked room inside the Levin St. House, where a katana can be found.


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