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The Light Guardian is a boss in Silent Hill: Book of Memories. The player will encounter this boss after completing Zone 9, where it emerges from a cathedral-esque building.


The Light Guardian is a bulky humanoid monster with a cone-shaped metal helmet that covers its face, and a hole in its chest cavity with a beating heart visibly inside it. Portions of its body are either absent or made of metal. Its torso is connected to its legs by metal rings, and in place of its left arm is a large cylindrical metal one, with studs on the forearm section. It wears a red loincloth and its feet are thin metal talons.


The Light Guardian emerges from a cathedral and attacks the player. The player must first target and destroy the metal parts of its body before it can be damaged further. It then attacks by shooting a beam out of a hole in the tip of its helmet. It also summons emblems composed of light that act as an impenetrable shield and can be fired at the player. The emblems must be reflected back by hitting them before they make contact to end the assault.


The Light Guardian symbolizes the subconscious resolution of Graham Reynolds. Their battle is a metaphorical one; symbolizing the struggle between the player's will and Graham's, both attempting to assert their dominance over the other in order to change reality.


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