Lisa's unnamed husband is a mentioned character from P.T..


Lisa's Husband Portrait

The picture of Lisa's husband.

According to the radio, Lisa's husband had purchased a rifle at the local gun store two days before murdering his family. Around this time, his neighbors noticed him repeating a sequence of numbers in a loud voice.

On the following Sunday afternoon, he retrieved the rifle and had all family members (including Lisa, who was pregnant at the time) shot to death. He shot Lisa in the stomach and her right eye. The neighbors, hearing the commotion in Lisa's house, immediately called the police, who found him sitting in his car, listening to the radio. The radio implies he later hung himself with a garden hose, but presuming police intervention would prevent such a suicide, it is likelier that one of the other two familicidal fathers mentioned in the news report is being referenced.

P T Forgive Me Scrawl

The message from above the door.

In the game, the husband is only seen in pictures, often along with his wife. However, what appears to be a message from him appears on the wall above the exit door of the hallway, asking Lisa for forgiveness as there is "a monster inside of him". This implies that murdering his family was something he did out of madness and possible schizophrenia, or a possible hint he suffered from dissociative identity disorder. This theme might actually have be en central in P.T. as well as Silent Hills, as the Bloodied Bag asks the protagonist "Are you sure that the only you is you?", hinting at multiple personalities for at least one character in the game. As such, it could be theorized that the bag is an element of Lisa's husband.


  • After the "gouge it out!" message, his hand will appear in the photo with a thumbs up.[1]
  • When listening to the report of possibly the husband's death on the radio, at one point, there is a much quieter voice that follows claiming that the man actually hung himself with an umbilical cord, likely a nod to Baby.