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Lisa is a ghost that appears in P.T..

She was murdered with a rifle by her husband, shot in the right eye and in the stomach while pregnant. A message in the game implies he regretted murdering her as he claimed there was a "monster" inside of him, and he sought forgiveness from her. Lisa's husband may have killed himself afterwards.

She haunts the hallway that is being repeatedly traversed by the protagonist, who is stuck in a loop. She has the ability to appear and disappear at will.


Lisa is the apparition of a smiling woman who was murdered by her husband. She is unusually tall and gaunt, and appears to be missing her right eye. Her hair is short and dark-colored. She wears a long grey nightgown covered in blood, mainly on her lower body. Her feet are covered in blood and she wears one red high heel shoe on her right foot while her other is barefoot. She emits sounds similar to hysterical sobbing and laughing.


Lisa can possess the player if she enters them. This can occur if the player gets too close to her, at which point she will rush at them, though she can also possess the player through other similar situations. When Lisa possesses the protagonist, the player will hear her breathing behind them, and they will also have a third footstep. On occasion, if the player turns around while they are possessed, Lisa will brutally attack the protagonist. Sometimes she will appear behind the player, twitching spastically. These appearances will be accompanied by the sounds of her moaning in pain, the sounds distorted as if coming through some sort of speaker.


A nearby photo that has the words "Gouge it out!" written on it, along with a hole where the right eye should be, is potentially connected to this trait. It can be inferred that Lisa's right eye was gouged out, due to Lisa missing an eye when appearing to the protagonist. It is unknown if the writing on the photo is hers, expressing a desire for revenge; (ie: "an eye for an eye"). This action might also be a biblical reference: "If your right eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell." (Matt. 5:29, Mark 9:47) This 'sin purging' symbol, like much of the series, may have a bearing on the heavily cyclical purgatory state Lisa and the player are trapped in; after proceeding through the ordeals, including gouging out the eye, the player is free to escape the Never-Ending Hallway.

Lisa's dress is bloodied around her stomach. It is mentioned in a radio report that she was shot in the stomach while she was alive by her husband while she was pregnant. This presumably killed the baby. A creature most likely representing the baby as an underdeveloped fetus appears in the bathroom sink. Lisa will occasionally appear in the mirror, as well as the bathroom itself, possibly luring the player to the baby.


Lisa in the hallway.

Lisa will appear in various areas of the Hallway throughout the protagonist's looping journey.

  • Bathroom: Lisa can appear in the bathroom. When looking in the mirror, the reflection shows her standing inside the bathtub behind the protagonist. She will approach the mirror, shuddering violently, and then vanish. She can also appear standing in the bathroom itself.
  • Stairs: Lisa will emerge from the small, wooden stairs that lead down to the looping door. She will walk past the front door and radio before disappearing.
  • Cell Door: Lisa can appear in front of the locked door that leads to the concrete cell-like room. She will walk up to the digital clock alcove before disappearing.
  • Hall Windows: Lisa can appear outside any of the three windows.
  • Balcony: Lisa can appear up on the balcony after the glass shattering, where she will stare down and grin at the player.
  • Concrete Room (Starting Room): Lisa can appear in the concrete cell-like room. It is possible that the door to the hallway will be locked, forcing the player to await Lisa's attack or appearance. This can happen after the player has died previously, or is returning from a past play session. One method: After the player is trapped in the bathroom and is forced to be possessed on the next loop, get killed by Lisa to restart. If the player exits the room backwards, they will see Lisa very briefly before they enter the hallway. The player might also sometimes hear her moaning in the basement room.[1]

She can also appear in places between these locations.


  • Though the two characters do not appear to be related, the name Lisa is possibly a nod to Lisa Garland.
    • Lisa’s shoe is the same design as Lisa Garland’s shoe, a red high heel.
  • After Lisa attacks and drags the player to the beginning, tally marks can be seen on the walls. This implies that Lisa has had the protagonist captive for a long time.
  • When Lisa appears before the protagonist ready to kill him, she grabs the protagonist, lifts him up, shakes him and then breaks his neck. When doing so the point of view rapidly changes approximately 180 degrees and a loud crunch can be heard. She then drops the protagonist on the floor, and the player briefly sees the house through the eyes of an already-dead man.

Unused model of Lisa in the bath.

  • There is model of Lisa sitting in the bathtub filled with water in game files.
  • During the 2014 Tokyo Game Show, Lisa was shown to make a cameo in a demo of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain as a decoy item. The Lisa decoy never appears in the final game, possibly due to the cancellation of Silent Hills/P.T., though a few references to P.T. still appear in the final game. Silent Hills/P.T. and Metal Gear Solid are both Konami games and are also directed by Hideo Kojima.
  • P.T.’s Lisa came to be a strong inspiration for later characters in horror indie games, such as Layers of Fear. Elements like her violently flailing head, filthy dress, facial expression and dirtiness, weeping, and a "Lisa-esque" female is present in a plethora of P.T.-inspired games.



Lisa as a human

Lisa as a ghost

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