This article is for Lisa Garland as seen in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. For her role in the original Silent Hill and in Silent Hill: Origins, see Lisa Garland.
I don't need a man in my life; I need a really good podiatrist.
—Lisa to Harry Mason

Lisa Garland is a character in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. She is a nurse who works at Alchemilla Hospital in Silent Hill and lives at the Nightingale Apartments.

Lisa encounters Harry Mason during his visit to Alchemilla Hospital. A cynical, yet friendly young woman, she tends to take a liking to Harry after he walks her to her apartment, and is rather trusting.



Lisa in her nurse uniform.

Lisa has reddish-brown hair that is about the same length as her blonde hair in the previous Silent Hill games. Her bangs are held back behind her ears, revealing more of her forehead. Her eyebrows and lips are a darker tone and dark bags lay under her eyes.

She wears pink scrubs, with a long-sleeved white shirt underneath. Overall, Lisa's appearance in Shattered Memories evokes a more serious or realistic image, rather than the young and innocent appeal that she had in the original Silent Hill.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

SM Lisa and Harry

Lisa and Harry in front of her apartment.

When Harry first encounters Lisa in Alchemilla Hospital, she just had an accident, resulting in a flaming automobile crash in the reception. Distraught, Harry then accompanies her back to her apartment a few blocks away. Depending on the Psych Profile, she may also be humorous to Harry, exclaiming "Harry Houdini!" when first hearing Harry's name.

When Harry and Lisa arrive at her apartment, Lisa goes to change out of her bloody scrubs while Harry sits down. Depending on whether or not the player looks into her bedroom and sees her changing in the mirror's reflection, two different dialogues may occur:

If the player peeks at her changing:

  • Lisa says she saw him looking, but she takes this as a compliment.
  • Lisa attempts to kick him out and tells him he should have been "better behaved", but suddenly feels ill.

If the player doesn't peek at her changing:

  • Lisa says Harry's a nice guy and that she feels safe around him.
  • Lisa acts flirtatious, and say he's "not like other guys" and "too nice".

She then proceeds to ask Harry to fetch her some pills of a specific color inside her bathroom. The player has the option to either give her the correct pill color or to give her the wrong pill color.


Lisa, having suddenly died.

If the player chooses to give her the correct pill color, Lisa will call Harry when he's at the entrance of Toluca Mall, telling him that she had a terrible nightmare with blood everywhere. When Harry arrives back at Lisa's apartment, Lisa is still alive, but blood immediately comes out of her forehead, eyes, nose and mouth, and she succumbs to injuries she sustained in the crash.

If the player chooses to give her the wrong pill color, Lisa will call Harry when he's at the entrance of Toluca Mall, telling him that he must have done something wrong. When Harry arrives back at Lisa's, Lisa is already dead with blood on her face, having overdosed on the wrong pill that Harry gave her. This death is an allusion to when Dr. Kaufmann stated that the best cure for guilt is to never get caught in the first place.

If the player achieves the "Sleaze and Sirens" ending, a video of Lisa and Michelle Valdez with Harry will appear, indicating that Harry knew her before he died and that he cheated on his wife, Dahlia, with Lisa. Because this is only seen in the "Sleaze and Sirens" ending, it is possible that this event had never occurred in the other endings.

Insight on Lisa

The "Sleaze and Sirens" ending adds the possibility of Lisa being a manifestation. Harry died 18 years before the events of Shattered Memories, and Lisa appears the same in the videotape with Harry and in Shattered Memories, with no prominent aging.

It can be speculated that Lisa was the nurse who treated Cheryl Mason when she visited Alchemilla Hospital as a child along with Harry and Dahlia in the present; Lisa was also manifested from Cheryl's memories of her. More evidence to support this is that in the "Sleaze and Sirens" variation of the hospital visit echo, Harry had told Dahlia that he needed to check with the nurse (Lisa) about tomorrow's "hours" (sex).

On the walk to her apartment, depending on the Psych Profile, Lisa tells Harry how she suddenly blacked out at the wheel and came to feeling confused and disoriented. This is very similar to Harry's experience, and the timing of Lisa's car crash to happen on the same day as Harry's while Cheryl is at Dr. K's office is questionable. One of the most conclusive pieces of evidence that suggest Lisa is a manifestation is that she may bring up Cheryl ("So tell me about your daughter...") without Harry mentioning her, implying that Lisa remembers Cheryl in some way.

Silent Hill Shattered Memories - Sleaze and Sirens Ending

Silent Hill Shattered Memories - Sleaze and Sirens Ending

Lisa and Michelle in Cheryl's videotape.

An explanation for this is that, in the past, Lisa and Harry met and hooked up during Cheryl's stay at Alchemilla. Harry then cheated on Dahlia with Lisa, and Harry unknowingly filmed over his vacation with Cheryl with a sex tape of himself and Lisa (and also Michelle Valdez). After Harry's death, Cheryl strongly remembers Lisa from her videotape, which is why she is manifested and appears to Harry in the present.

It should also be noted that Lisa's mailbox is the only one that bears a name on it, the others being blank.

Tomm Hulett has stated that the characters of Shattered Memories being manifestations is ambiguous.

Dr. Kaufmann speaks in a therapy session on the nature of death, guilt, and dying. It is possible that Lisa's death is a reflection of Harry's death; both died by car crashes and the survivors (Harry and Cheryl, respectively) may have felt blame or guilt for their deaths.

The player's choice to give Lisa the correct or incorrect pill results in Lisa's death either way, following Cheryl's guilt over her father's death, something that she feels is her fault, whether or not it was (giving the correct pill color, for example).

Lisa states she is attracted towards men who look like her father (typical of a Freudian Oedipal complex), which strongly parallels numerous echos and hints from that allude to Cheryl's relations with older, fatherly men (in one echo message, a man has intercourse with a prostitute whose hair looks like his daughter's).

Lisa's phone answering machine reveals a close message with her mother, something Cheryl does not have or may wish to have.


  • "Dammit. I wasn't supposed to be here! I shouldn't have been here."
  • "Sorry, I'm always saying goofy things that come into my head."
  • "Hey, I'm as real as they come. Though some patients mistake me for an angel - that's the medication. I'm real and I've got the bags under my eyes to prove it."
  • "If you add up all the overtime, back-to-back twelve hour shifts, compared to a standard nine-to-five, I've been in the hospital for forty human years! I've slept through half of it, like tonight - fell asleep at the wheel. Hell of a wake up call."
  • "Need to get my story straight before I call my insurance. They always try and twist it."
  • "This is like being in a therapy group for car crash survivors. Thanks for sharing Harry, let's go around the room..."
  • "You want bedside manner, get in a bed and act sick."
  • "There are no dashing doctors. They're all alcoholics and perspire too much. I always fall for the guys who look like my dad and then regret it the next day."
  • "Definitely a nurse thing. We have a unique outlook on life."



Lisa's ID card.

  • Lisa's voice actor, Karen Strassman, is also a redhead with blue eyes.
  • Lisa's full name is shown on her ID card in the PS2 and PSP version. The Wii version only shows her first name on her ID card.
  • One possible conversation variant includes Lisa asking Harry to tell her more about his daughter, with Harry never mentioning his daughter before.[1]
  • How Lisa was able to call Harry prior to her death is unknown, as he never gives her his number.
  • Lisa's pill bottles are labeled "Claudia", which is a throwback to PTV and White Claudia, the drug Lisa was addicted to in the original game. As well, the label states that one pill should be taken every four hours.

Lisa's books.

  • In her apartment, books called "Compassion in Modern Nursing" and "How to Find a Man and Keep Him" can be found. If Harry tells her about his career as a writer, she will ask him to write a book about her and suggest he give the book the title "Life and Death Drama in the ER: One Girl's Search for Love". Ironically, there is also a book called "The Day That I Saw Heaven" on Lisa's shelf.
ShMem Double Lisa

The double Lisa glitch.

  • Her death is most likely a reference to Lisa's transformation in the first game, with blood leaking out of her forehead, nose and mouth. The way and the order in which she bleeds mirrors the flow and the appearance of blood in her transformation scene from the original Silent Hill.
  • A glitch may occur in Lisa's apartment, in which Lisa's initial model appears beside her casually-clothed model, and the game subsequently freezes.
  • Lisa bears an uncanny resemblance to actresses Kristen Stewart and Alexandra Breckenridge.



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