Hanna, don't you feel like going outside? Why don't we go to Toluca Lake tomorrow? We haven't been there for years.
—Lorraine to her daughter

Lorraine is the mother of Hanna in Silent Hill: The Arcade.


In November 1918, she drowned her daughter by throwing her off the Little Baroness and into Toluca Lake.

Her reason for filicide is never directly explained. It is possible that she did so in order to prevent Hanna from dying a painful death on account of her disease, or she could have been influenced by some of the malevolent energy from the town. If it is the former, this would be very similar to what happened between Mary and James Sunderland. As she moves on to the afterlife with Hanna in the Good Ending, it can be assumed that she did not hate her daughter and did not kill her out of malicious intent.

Silent Hill: The Arcade

Lorraine calls Emilie Anderson to meet her, supposedly disguising herself as Emilie's deceased mother, Michelle. However, when Emilie meets Lorraine, Frank arrives and tells Emilie that Lorraine isn't her mother. Lorraine's expression turns dark, her hands transform into a monster's, and she throws Emilie overboard.

If the Good Ending or Normal ending is received, Captain consoles a saddened Hanna who wonders if her mother hates her. Lorraine then appears and hugs her daughter, and they possibly move onto the afterlife together.


  • Lorraine bears a slight resemblance to Mary Shepherd-Sunderland. Similarly, Lorraine gives Hanna a teddy bear, and Mary knows that Laura likes teddy bears.
  • In a conversation during Stage 3, a man offers Lorraine some bread because his wife baked too much. He then tells her that "Jack" took good care of him when he was still alive. This suggests that Lorraine is a widow, and that her husband was named Jack.


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