Brookhaven altar

The altar at the Otherworld Brookhaven Hospital.

This article is about the memo. For the guide released by Konami, see Book of Lost Memories. For the book as seen in Silent Hill 2, see Book: "Lost Memories".

Lost Memories is a book found in Silent Hill 3, inside room C4 of the Otherworld Brookhaven Hospital. It is probably a copy of the same book James Sunderland found in Silent Hill 2, since it also speaks about the history and legends of Silent Hill.

Reading it will give the player a clue that the plastic bag with blood found previously must be spilled on the altar near the book, and thus allowing Heather Mason to proceed down a ladder to defeat Leonard Wolf.


"One characteristic, mentioned only
in rare documents and dying out in
the modern age, is that of the ritual
'Offering prayers, pierce a man's
chest with a copper stake. Drench
the altar in the blood which spouts
red from the heart, to praise and to
show loyalty unto God.'
In another sacrificial rite mentioned
in the same book, the victim is
burned alive.
This was a more dignified ceremony
in which prisoners and sinners were
not allowed to participate. Only the
clergy could be sacrificed.
Similar to burning at the stake, no
comparable rite can be found in
religions practiced nearby. It may
have some connection with the
main deity being a sun god.
Even though this religion extols
redemption, it brings to mind a
dark and cultish history."

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